Kangana Ranaut Opposes To Celebrities' Videos And Asks Them To Warn People

Ankita Chetana |Mar 29, 2020

Recently, the actress shared her thoughts that she doesn't feel comfortable when many celebs shared about their life during the lockdown. Deeds inside!

Covid-19 has made the world confused and now that people are advised to stay in and limit going out. While facing a serious situation over the world, people are also doing what they want after a long time of busy working or studying. Many of them including Indian celebrities have taken to social media to share what they have experienced during the coronavirus quarantine. This made Kangana Ranaut unhappy and have a request to all of them.

Kangana Ranaut
The controversial queen requests other celebs in India ring an alarm bell about coronavirus situation in the upcoming time

Mentioning the issue, the Queen actress shared her point of view that the first week of self-quarantine might have been a comfortable and healing time for many people that they warmly welcomed it. But when the condition becomes more serious to stage 3 like how scientists predict, we can't be peaceful like this. Ahead of that mighty situation, she stated that we should be alert and mustn't give up.

Kangana further added her request to the other celebs: "Can we please understand where we stand and make people more alert rather than turning it into a holiday period."

Kangana Ranaut Read Book
She decides to read books during the self-quarantine time

21 days of the nationwide lockdown, as per her opinion, will make India go down one year but we can't be sure what will happen if the situation worsens. On the other hand, she gave a big applause to the media, policemen, and especially doctors for their amazing efforts and work.

Migrant Workers
A long and vulnerable way to migrate workers and their families to return home

Meanwhile, Kangana shared that she has been reading books during this time. Besides, her heart dropped when reading the news about migrant workers and the government when they have been facing a harsh time more than ever.


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