"Judgementall Hai Kya" Star Kangana Ranaut And Her 8 Attention-Grabbing Statements

Salena Harshini |Jul 18, 2019

As Kangana Ranaut has been making lots of headlines for her statements, let's have a look at the controversial statements she has made.

The recent feud between Judgementall Hai Kya star Kangana Ranaut and a journalist have been making a lot of headlines since its outset. The actress received quite a lot of disapproval from the press for this scandal.

Kangana 3
Source: GQ India

Back in 2011, Kangana Ranaut proved her talent in the Tanu Weds Manu film. She said it out loud with her unorthodox role that she could totally conquer the box office. 4 years after, Kangana starrer Queen won plenty of awards and praises as well as nominations.

Lately, the actress continued to nail her artistry with her acting skills and direction in Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The first film directed by Kangana was considered a blockbuster.

On another hand, the talented star is also known for her controversial statements. Moreover, she has never shown regrets for the statements she made.

They were about movie reviews, nepotism, media, and her co-stars. Now, we will take a look at her 8 attention-grabbing testimonies that have been made by Kangana recently.

Kangana The Hauterfly
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Panga Kangara Ranaut


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