The Hidden Truth About Iulia Vantur And Salman Khan Wedding Rumor You Need To Know

Bhavna Acharya |May 11, 2020

Iulia and Salman are currently spending their quarantine time together with Salman’s family at his Panvel farmhouse. Let’s see what Iulia has to say about their marriage rumor.

Salman Khan is among one of the most successful stars in Bollywood and he still remains unwed. As he and his girlfriend Iulia Vantur have been together for a while now, people are curious if there will be a wedding in the near future. Rumors on their marriage have been going around for the longest time and Iulia always manages to dodge the question with her sense of humor. This is the truth about Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan wedding rumor you need to know.

We’ve seen the duo making multiple special appearances at different public events. They also enjoy celebrating important occasions together. The lastest one we know is the birthday of Salman's sister Arpita as Iulia made an Instagram post about it. They seem to be going strong in the public eye.

Iulia Vantur And Salman Khan Wedding Rumor 2
Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan stirred up the internet as the pair are spotted quarantining together 

During this lockdown, the two have become each other’s quarantine partner in Salman’s Panvel farmhouse. Waluscha De Sousa and Jacqueline Fernandez are also joining them at the farm. In a recent conversation with Bollywood Hangama, Iulia finally opened up about the marriage topic when a fan asked the couple to tie the knot.

Iulia Vantur And Salman Khan Wedding Rumor 2
Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan wedding rumor: Salman Khan never shies away from showing his affection toward his love lady

In response to her fan, she laughed and talked about how frequently this question was raised. According to Iulia, having quality time together is more important than anything else. When it comes to relationships, she mainly focuses on their feelings towards each other. So, it’s clear that she finds it is unnecessary to concern too much about getting married.

Iulia Vantur
Iulia Vantur is aa Romanian model, presenter and singer.

Turn out, fans are not the only ones to be curious about their wedding plans. She shared that her parents were also having the same question. Replying to her mother’s question, she said “ Mom, do you want me to be happy or just get married?’. She added “ Because to get married just like that... I can get married to someone tomorrow, you know”. And that was the last time her mom brought out this topic. To her point of view, having a marriage license is of no importance. It’s enjoying spending time with your partner that matters the most. 

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