Ileana D'Cruz Shares Uncomfortable Moment On South Indian Film Set

Imran Asif Fazal |Nov 28, 2019

The actress was very young during the incident and did not knew what the director actually wanted in that particular scene.

Glamorous Diva Ileana D'Cruz is a known face in the South Indian film industry. She entered Bollywood after featuring in many South Indian films. Recently during an interview with an entertainment portal, the actress shared about her uncomfortable moment on the sets of one such film. The actress was pretty young then had to shoot for a scene in which the film director had to drop a ceramic shell on her navel. Now when she has reached at the peak of her career, she recollects the scene and feels uncomfortable about it.

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Talking about the scene which made her feel bit uncomfortable, Ileana D'Cruz, said, "There was a scene in my first film where her character is very attached to a particular shell. There is a sequence where the shell drops on her navel in slow motion and I honestly didn’t know, I was very young, even with the romantic scenes, I was made to watch Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri because they had a great romance."


She further said, "So, I had no idea how to react and what it meant. So I just assumed and asked him, ‘Why do you take shots of my navel.’ For me it was weird. He is like it was a beautiful and very feminine thing. But I didn’t understand anything and put down another thing like I just didn’t get. It hurt a little bit as it was a ceramic shell and it was a little heavy."

Recently, the actress spoke openly about how she dealt with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and had said, "I have always had issues accepting my body the way it is. I have finally come to a place maybe where I am learning to like it how it is. I am respecting it a lot more and taking care of it a lot more. And I think it is showing. So, I am happier right now."


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