MNS Warns Bigg Boss Of Dire Consequences If Tanushree Dutta Enters The Show

Author |Oct 03, 2018

Shockingly, MNS delivered in person a warning letter threatens Bigg Boss with dire consequence if Tanushree takes part in the show.

Tanushree gains support from Bollywood

Since the former Indian beauty Tanushree Dutta made public of Nana Patekar misconduct to her, the actress has solicited support from many Bollywood celebrities. All over the Internet, Bollywood stars have extended solidarity and add weight to her claim with hashtag #ibelievetanushree. Earlier, Tanushree Dutta expressed her disappointment toward the powerful actor Amitabh Bachchan for his evasive response on her allegations.

From Nana Patekar side, he denied all Tanushree’s allegations and has found a lot of supporter in the meantime.

On Wednesday, Lonavala based Maharashtra Navnirman Sena worker directly sent a warning letter to Bigg Boss producer noting dire consequences if Tanushree enters Bigg Boss.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tanushree dutta
Former Indian beauty actress Tanushree Dutta

MNS sent a warning letter to the set of Bigg Boss

As in statement, they claimed that Tanushree defamed MNS chief of party Raj Thackeray, artistes Marathi and MNS reputation in general by leveled false accusations. Moreover, MNS further added that Tanushree purpose was to find fame and public attention while trying to get into the reality show.

Lastly, MNS warned “vandalize” Bigg Boss and they would even conduct a protest to stop the show. As reported in the personal notice, MNS clearly show their intolerance attitude if Tanushree can take part in Bigg Boss.

Previously in an interaction with media, Tanushree made serious accusations on Raj Thackeray. “Raj Thackeray is a goon”, she said. Tanushree also alleged MNS chief of threatening her with “violent attack”.

When asked about rumors have been spreading around about her desire to enter Bigg Boss, Tanushree made a clear statement that her career path and goal is far more than entering the reality show.

On the other note, both Nana Patekar and Tanushree are gathering a team of lawyer and advocate in case of a legal fight. Nana Patekar, the forty year experience actor noticed that he sent a legal notice to Tanushree. In stark contrast, Tanushree said she has not received any legal document.

The feud between veteran actor Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta has begun and took spotlight all over the Internet when Tanushree alleged him of sexual harassment on the shoot of Horn Ok Please in 2008.

Tanushree claimed that she stayed hiatus from Bollywood for almost 10 years after the incident happened.



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