Hina Khan Is Nostalgic About The Devastated Notre Dame Cathedral, Hoping It Will Rise Again

Priyansh Ha |Apr 18, 2019

Arjun Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Tamannaah and other Indian celebs also mourned the devastating loss of the world heritage site.

As the most famous monument of France, the accident happened to Notre Dame Cathedral is such an inexplicable loss to not only Parisians but people all over the world including our Indian celebs. From Arjun Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, to Tamannaah and Boman Irani, all of them mourned the devastating loss of the world heritage site. As soon as Hina Khan knew the sad news, the actress took to her Instagram story a nostalgic photo of her family on their trip to Paris a few years ago. Right behind them is the symbolic cathedral. She also expressed her sense of grief about the Notre Dame Fire and hoped that it would rise again.

“So, NotreDam is one of our memory, that is a family picture outside Notre Dam. Sad. #NotreDamWillRiseAgain.”

Hina Khan Notre Dame Picture Main
Hina Khan and her family in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. (Source: Pink Villa)

Here are what other celebs talking about the devastating accident:

Notre Dame in fire is the most heartbreaking news that we have heard recently. The fire swept through the cathedral on Tuesday morning while the renovation works were going on inside. After fifteen hours of fighting exhaustingly, the firefighters were able to put out the fire. However, parts of the building were destroyed.

French Will Do Everything For The Cathedral To Rise Again 

While Parisians have come together to witness and pray for the historic church turning into ashes, they also promised to bring the glory back to the monument. France's President Emmanuel Macron also committed that the restoration of the destroyed parts will be carried out soon. Meanwhile, French billionaires like Bernard Arnault and François-Henri Pinault are ready to donate hundreds of millions for the restoration of the Gothic masterpiece. 


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