Gully Boy Trailer: Ranveer Singh Struggles To Realize An Impossible Dream Under The Pressure Of His Abusive Father

Maanyata Thu |Jan 10, 2019

Gully Boy trailer: Ranveer Singh steals the show as a young man struggling to pursue his dream under the pressure of his family and the unfair society.

The filmmakers of Ranveer Singh’s forthcoming movie “Gully Boy” have just released the first teaser on Wednesday. Ranveer also posted it on his social networking platforms.

Gully Boy

The movie’s trailer starts with one group of young men in the rap battle. When the men express themselves with verses, Naved Shaikh (played by Ranveer Singh) wants to join them too but he does not have enough confidence to take part in the battle. The next scene shows Ranveer Singh’s character at his home where he is trying to practice his verses while hiding his secret from his dad.

Naved Shaikh finds himself an experienced mentor, enhances his rapping skills through his helpful guidance and makes complaint how young rappers just sing about girls, cars as well as superficial things.

Also, he has a beautiful girlfriend (played by Alia Bhatt), who is all supportive of him. However, the girl also has to deal with some of her problems.

In one scene, Alia Bhatt’s character was seen in an arranged meeting, where she is talking with a boy’s mother, and the old lady asks Alia Bhatt’s character if she is able to cook and she has a humorous reply immediately. She also has a quick temper when smacking a girl with glass bottle.


Living a less privileged life, Naved Shaikh is told over and over again that one cannot rise above the social status and economy they are born in. If he is the son of a driver, he will always be a driver and he can't change his fate no matter how much he wants to. However, Naved Shaikh still believes in ‘apna time aayega’ (our time will come).


Helmed by director Zoya Akhtar and produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, Gully Boy is inspired by the real life of rappers, Vivian Fernandes aka Divine and Naved Shaikh aka Naezy. It also follows the lives of Mumbai’s independent hip-hop artists. The film also stars Kalki Koechlin, Vijay Raaz, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Vijay Verma and Amruta Subhash. Before hitting the cinema on 14th February, Gully Boy will premiere at the upcoming 69th Berlin Film Festival.


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