Govinda Ahuja: My Relationship With Salman Khan Is The Combination Of Love And Hate

Author |Nov 02, 2018

Govinda Ahuja and Salman Khan one more time made people surprised when Govinda presented in Salman's show Bigg Boss and promoted for his latest film Fryday

Used to be known as close-knit buddies in Bollywood, Govinda Ahuja and Salman Khan were as thick as thieves. However, their friendship had a turning point when Salman launched Sonakshi Sinha in Bollywood instead of Govinda's daughter even when he had promised it. After that, no one saw these two together in any events or films. Lately, they one more time made people surprised when Govinda presented in Salman's show Bigg Boss and promoted for his latest film Fryday. The released movie is getting initial success after the first week. Replying in an interview with Mid-Day, Govinda revealed the facts of their relationship. According to him, it was a love-hate connection between two of them.

We Share A Love-Hate Relationship

A Relationship Of Ups And Downs

Even when it’s a love-hate relationship, Govinda states that he and Salman Khan are buddies who had conflicts but then got back to each other. It’s easy to understand any relationships. Govinda says he has no problem working on films with Khan again, as long as they can find a suitable script.


Salman Used To Be Told Not Come In Front Of Govinda

In a previous interview, when being asked about what happened to their relationship, Govinda emphasized that the chain between them will never be the same as well as they’re no longer on the same boat. Salman was even advised not to stay close to him. According to the actor, the relationship between actors in Bollywood only remains until one’s benefit is affected. Up to that moment, he expected nothing on Salman.  

No Chance Of Us Acting Together

Govinda Regrets Not Joining Any Camps

Govinda also opens up about the possibility that they could cooperate together in a film. Everyone thoughts that there is no chance for them to be on the same screen again. Govinda, however, says that it might be a wrong move for him not to belong to any camps. Being a part of Bollywood, an actor should join a camp as it will affect his career.

 On The Work Front

Unexpected Success Of Fryday

Even when Govinda’s latest film Fryday was predicted to be a flop, it’s now booming all box office. The production house themselves didn’t expect on the success of the movie. They thought it would not work or just hoped it can get a small amount of revenue to cover the costs. Due to the negative prediction, there weren’t many screens of the movie. However, the actor still satisfies with the audiences' reaction and looking for a higher amount of revenue the film can bring back.


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