Eyewitness Reveals Crucial Details On Tanushree Dutta & Nana Patekar Sexual Harassment Case

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 22, 2019

After veteran actor Nana Patekar was given a clean chit, eyewitnesses have shared important details of the story.

Last week, veteran actor Nana Patekar's sexual allegations have cleared as police dropped the case due to accusations of incompetence.

Back to 2018, Tanushree Dutta has been termed as the actress who set #MeToo movement into motion throughout the country. In an interview, she shared the shocking story that took place on the set of Horn Ok Please where she was mistreated at the hand of Nana Patekar.

In the latest happening, Indian Express quoted two witnesses who presented on the set in 2008. As per reports, their claims played an important role during the police's investigation. According to the source, Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta were several feet away on that day.

Henceforce, her complaint seemed unrealistic as well as "malicious and fake".

Nana Patekar Hd

Talking about what happened that day, the sources recounted that there were 300-400 back-up dancers on the set that day alongside two main stars Tanushree and Nana Patekar.


Tanushree 06 19
Tanushree Dutta

"They were to enact the same dance movements but they weren't dancing close to each other," another witness added weight to the previous person's claim.

The B-summary report revealed that when Tanushree left the set, producer Samee Siddiqui wanted her to return unless he would incur a loss of Rs 1.5 crore. Also, Tanushree asked the veteran actor to keep a distance from her all the time.

In a culture like India, the courage for women to call out a man in power does not come easily but Tanushree set an example as she named Bollywood biggies in her sexual harassment allegations. After that, Rakesh Sarang, Ganesh Acharya, and Samee Siddiqui who is Horn Ok Pleass' director, choreographer, and producer respectively was dragged into the case besides Nana Patekar. 

Shortly after the police announced the result of the investigation, Tanushree went on to criticize the authorities, saying:



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