Disha Patani House – Virtual Tour Inside The Luxurious Apartment Of The Actress In Bandra

Leela Adwani |Jul 11, 2020

In this article, we bring you a virtual tour of Disha Patani house and an insight into her everyday life.

It goes without saying that Disha Patani is the apple in the eyes of many brands. With a pretty face,  in-shape, and fiery body, Dish is touted as one of the dishy divas in Bollywood. She enjoys a massive fan following on social media and of course, her personal life has always been on the radar of the netizens. No prize for guessing Disha Patani house has been one of the hottest topics in town.

Disha Patani House Ft
Inside Disha Patani's house

If you are an avid fan of Disha, you might already know that she cannot imagine her day without her beloved pets – two dogs and two cats. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been forced to stay home and our Bollywood celebrities are no exception. Having been quarantined at her apartment in Mumbai, Disha has had more time with her little and fluffy friends with breathtaking ocean-views for company.

In this article, we bring you a virtual tour of Disha Patani house and an insight into her everyday life.

Balcony - Bird’s-eye view in Disha Patani house

Living in the hustle and bustle of a metropolis like Mumbai, the fast pace of life usually makes people live fast. Moments of peace, calm and quietude turn out to be a treat. The lockdown has affected many people’s lives and plans but it’s also a chance that helps celebrities like Disha Patani enjoy her life to the fullest.

The balcony
Her favorite spot in the house

Disha is currently staying in the Little Hut building located in Bandra which is the most starry neighborhood in Mumbai. One of the highlights of her Mumbai apartment is none other than the balcony which is designed to connect with the living room. It’s decorated with a cocoon-style swing, tall and leafy plants, and swish wooden flooring that perfectly offer a refreshing mood. Watching the sunset with an over-looking view to the ocean, sipping some tea is the ultimate goal after a hard and tiring working day. Don’t need to go anywhere or splurge on expensive holidays.

her pets

Living room

It’s not far off the mark to say the living room is one of the most-loved corners in Disha Patani house. Not only does it offer Instar-worthy photoshoots but it’s also a place for her to relax or have some quality chatting time with her near and dear ones.

Her living room gives off a cozy vibe

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Where she enjoys the free time with her friend
It also has some Instagram-worth corners


No one doesn’t like the bedroom as it’s where we feel comfortable the most. The bedroom of 1992-born actress gives off an instantly millennia vibes. The wall can be seen having many butterfly-shaped stickers that deliver a fresh but fun touch for the room.


The bedroom also sometimes turns out to be the playground for her pets. The actress also usually shares pictures of her little “friends” playing in her bedroom but thanks to it we get a glimpse into it.

She likes decorating her bedroom

The latest picture of Disha shows her dog named Bella sitting on her bed. It seems like there was a makeover in her bedroom. It’s safe to say her bedroom now sings the earth song with her green tropical-style wallpaper. Take a look.

It's also where she spends time with her little friends
Where sexy pictures were created

More pictures in her bathroom

poses in the bathroom
mirror selfie picture is also her favorite
mirror selfie again

Dining room

White is the dominant tone in her dining room. Opting for a white rectangular dining table, it perfectly matches the color of the wall.

With two windows, the dining room Disha Patani house has a lot of natural light that brings a sense of comfort. The windows with one overlooking to another block are packed with white curtains that make the whole room look brighter.

all-white dining room

Don’t forget to put a green spot into the room, Disha put a tall plant in the corner between two windows.

Pet central

No two ways about it, Disha is a pet lover. She has 2 dogs named Bella and Goku and two dogs named Jasmine and Keety. She even created an Instagram account for them. Of course, her house is pet-friendly as it’s spacious and tidy enough for them.

Her pets’ Instagram account named @bellajasminegokukeety has 21.4k followers. It’s not an overstatement to say they are also celebrity animals. She usually shares pictures of cuddling with her pets and that’s enough to know her love for them.

She is an animal lover

White lover

White is among the most basic color but it’s also the favorite of many. Baaghi 2 actress is not an exception. Preference for white decoration is quite evident through the interiors in Disha's house. The host decorates the living room with white marble flooring, white sofas, and of course, matching-color central tables.

white is the dominant color in her house

Not just this, there is a ton-sur-ton white door with panel detailing. Turns out, it is also a favorite place to talk ootd photos of the actress.

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How it looks from outside

If you are curious how Disha Patani house looks from the outside, here are some pictures of the Little Hut building where Disha is residing in.

Outside Dish Patani's house
In the little hut building
How it looks from afar

Hope your curiosity will be fulfilled after watching a series of pictures of Disha Patani house.


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