After A Doll, A Movie To Be Made On Taimur Ali Khan's Name, A Famous Director Registers The Title

Indira Ngan |Dec 16, 2018

Popular producer Madhur Bhandarkar has just confirmed name his new movie as "Taimur".


A movie named by "Taimur"?

Taimur Ali Khan is the little son of two Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor after their wedding in 2012. This baby may be one of the most famous ones in India ever since. His popularity gradually increased along with his growth. Little two – year – old Taimur made fans surprised from his own doll made by a toy shop in Kerala. Recently, a famous filmmaker decided to use “Taimur” to name his new movie project.

Taimur Ali Khan1

According to Mumbai Mirror, producer Madhur Bhandarkar has confirmed that his film will have the title of “Taimur”. This announcement has made fans “crazily gushing” about the meaning behind the decision. Some people think “Taimur” will be about Taimur Ali Khan himself. They consider that film director Madhur cannot help himself in front of the little boy’s cuteness. Some others think “Taimur” is just the metaphor for the real society nowadays. Apparently, fans and people who are interested in Bollywood already knew that Madhur’s films often display realities surrounding the glamorous worlds of film, fashion and so on.

Little Taimur's amazing popularity

When Saif and Kareena said they would call their son “Taimur”, netizens started to guess the meanings of this name. The majority have thought that “Taimur” belongs to the name of a Turco – Mongol conqueror Timur. To the strong interest and reaction of fans, the couple Saifeena explained that the meaning of “Taimur” is iron. It means that the couple wants their son to be strong and flexible like iron.

Since Saif and Kareena got married and gave birth to Taimur, they sometimes share the photos of their son on social media. The little boy always receives a large interest from netizens from around the world. When the netizens saw the first pictures of little Taimur, they felt extremely enchanted about his beauty and charms. Since Taimur came to this world, he became the centre of attractiveness for the media. Paparazzi follow him every day just like following the famous celebrities.

His parents, couple Saifeena, even revealed frankly about the rate card for Taimur’s pictures. They shared that each photo of their son rates around Rs 1500, which is even higher than some idols’ pictures.

Taimur Ali Khan Doll

Additionally, dolls started being made inspired by Taimur, which was totally surprising on how people react to the little boy’s popularity. Shocked but accepting this, both Saif and Kareena reacted positively to this.

Vinod of Hum Saath Saath Hain - Saif expressed that he just only wanted his Taimur always safe, sound, and happy. Taimur’s mom – Kareena frankly shared that it was impossible to hide away Taimur from being noticed and followed. She thought all the reactions around Taimur came from a great love and affection of netizens. Instead, Kareena considered these activities as good wishes granted for Taimur.


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