Bollywood's Most Controversial Tweet: Sona Mohapatra Slammed Salman Khan As A Paper Tiger

Rose Advani |Oct 24, 2019

Sona never stops to slam Salman Khan as his superhater. From the controversial tweet for taking dig at the quit of Priyanka in Bharat to the tweet that call him as “a paper tiger”, she gave Salman khan mocking words.

The host of Big Boss show Salman Khan has become one of the most successful actors both in Indian and world cinema. However, the Bharat actor faces lots of controversies on social media that turn him to in the list of Bollywood's most controversial tweets.

Bollywood's most controversial Tweet
Salman Khan is the host of a famous reality show - Big Boss

Singer Sona Mohapatra is one of superhaters of Salman with numerous slammed tweets targeted to Salman. She never wants to keep the peace with the superstar Salman Khan.

Bollywood's most controversial Twee
Sonam Mohapatra is a superhater of Salman Khan

Sona Mohapatra noticed that Salman Khan in Bharat like a paper tiger

As soon as Brahat releasing, his latest movie was on box ticket on Saturday, the singer immediately posted a Tweet, in which, she called Salman Khan as a “Paper Tiger” and a digger.

She worte: “Q. What do you call film superstars that don’t even deliver a single, full week of returns in the public domain despite all the hype, promotions & posturing? A. Paper Tigers (P.S: Stop worshipping these paper tigers dear #India. Let’s find & BE more worthy ‘heros’).”

Salman Khan put his ambition on his latest film - the action movie Bharat, released on June 5, 2019. However, the film began to falter in the second week of release. According to a report in Box Office Indian, Bharat has crossed Rs 3.75 crore within two weeks of release, which is lower than the expectation.

Sona seem to a super hater of Salman Khan for many times posted tweet targeted to the actor Salman Khan. The tweet calling him as a paper tiger was only one of her Bollywood's most controversial Tweets.

Sona mocked the dig of Salman Khan at the quit of Priyanka Chopra in Bharat

Sona slammed Salman for taking a dig at the quit of Priyanka Chopra in Bharat
Sona slammed Salman for taking a dig at the quit of Priyanka Chopra in Bharat

In the recent promotion of Bharat, Salman Khan has spoken about the decision to quit the film at last of Priyanka Chopra. Then, Katrina Kaif played the Priyanka role.

Salman said that it was Priyanka Chopra who also was keen on being a part of Bharat. However, the hard-working actress, who efficiently maintains her career in Bollywood as well as in the USA decided to leave one of the biggest films of her career to get married with Nick Jonas.

He stated that “After all this, the ‘Nick story’ happened, the embarrassing thing happened and she chose to get married... Look, she did the right thing. She did what she wanted, and Katrina got what she deserved. She (Priyanka) informed us five days before the schedule was supposed to start... she must have thought that in this way I would get upset with her and will never work with her. She spoke to me saying, ‘Nick has proposed to me and I want to get married, so there will be some date issues’. I said, ‘Sure, get married; we can adjust those two, three days’. Then she said that she does not want to do the film.”

As soon as Salman Khan takes a dig at Priyanka, Sona posted a tweet to slam him as the "poster child of toxic masculinity" for his “low brow digs”.

She wrote: “Cus @priyankachopra has better things to do in life, real men to hang out with & more importantly, girls to inspire with her journey.” She added, “A showcase & poster child of toxic masculinity. Low brow dig at not only a woman who was not in the room but a disgusting disregard & contempt for the woman & colleague sitting next to him in the same room. Unless we call out such serial bad behavior, nothing changes, #India.”

The Sona tweet got lots of black responses from netizens, especially the huge fans of Salman Khan. They said that Sona Mohapatra must take a stand for any voicing regarding celebrities. Not only Salman Khan taking digs at Priyanka but Sona also has done that at various celebrities in the past.


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