Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweet: Salman Khan Breaks The Cool Image To Sign A Bubble Fame

Ankita Chetana |Oct 22, 2019

Salman Khan seems to be a familiar name in grey areas around the entertainment industry and of course, he is included in Bollywood’s most controversial tweet.

Walking down the memory lane, Salman Khan has shot a lot of argumentative bullets to social life. Over the years, his stardom has grown stronger partly thanks to his ‘contribution’ to Bollywood’s most controversial tweet.

Running a successful acting career, Salman Khan has also got along the rounds of controversies through his statements. Moreover, he ran the account on social media, especially Twitter with high attention from the public.

salman khan twitter account

Once the superstar bloomed a war of words, he was followed by thousands of invective curses. Like Karan Johar, Salman is one of the kings of controversies in the tinsel town when wrecking a lot of tender statements. So, let’s take back the bearing of Bollywood’s most controversial tweet!

In 2015, the Bharat actor was likely to hit a bomb in an unhappy range of more than a dozen tweets around Yakub Memon who condemned his engagement to the Mumbai bombings. The title about this story played all the fame on the headlines, attracting a lot of attention at that time.

Salman controversial tweet

It was Salman Khan when starting on his Twitter by asking Yakub Memon to be spared the gallows and his older brother Tiger Memon to take his lumps. He wrote:


Another tweet showed him giving a hard-to-accept sentence that reads:


This sparked a furore including slamming responses from Sena and BJP. Sena then even tore Salman’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan poster at Satara and cut the film’s screening off.

salman khan controversial tweet

The superstar was even involved in the court when BJP filed an invasion into his own Galaxy apartments. The president of Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray angrily went on asking: “Is he questioning the court? Is he saying the court is wrong?” But on the other side, he still received justice from the former Congress MP when Milind Deora took to Twitter to write:


As the controversy raged on, his father Salim Khan stated:


salim khan on salman khan's tweet

Unstoppable criticisms flooded toward the actor on social media made him stuck and finally turned to retract such controversial tweets. He penned:


But that’s not all about Bollywood’s most controversial tweet Salman Khan cooked. In 2016, he once again dominated the Internet for some time after hurting many people’s sensibilities and feeding the furiousness by a statement.

salman khan talked about raped women

He said in an interaction with the media:


Getting out of the rule of sensitiveness, some female artists slammed him for saying that.

Nonetheless, Pooja Bedi stood on Salman’s side and tweeted:

pooja bedi tweet about salman khan

This raised a huge series of hateful comments on both of them that a user tweeted:

Salman Khan controversial tweet

Bollywood’s most controversial tweet always gets two-way comments but most of the time, celebs would be slammed seriously. Salman Khan has no exceptions but it seems like he hasn’t stopped making war through his tweets and statements.


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