Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweet: Karan Johar Always Knows How To Explode In A Ball Of Flame

Ankita Chetana |Oct 19, 2019

Talking about Bollywood’s most controversial tweet, Karan Johar is a nominated name in creating the buzz around his statements towards other celebs. Check it out!

Karan Johar has been on the top search due to his controversial statements that make everyone’s blood boil. From abusing his best friend Shah Rukh Khan to Kajol, Karan has created Bollywood’s most controversial tweet and reach the popularity in this way.

Karan Johar Bollywoods Most Controversial Tweet

Earlier this year, netizens got a chance to bring him to the torch line when clicking the "like" button on a post setting SRK down. The tweet is no more on the Twitter timeline but for SRK’s fans, it exhales in their minds eternally.

Karan Johar liked a tweet abusing Shah Rukh Khan and comparing his stardom to that of Akshay Kumar

At that time, in front of the first day of the box office collection from King Khan’s film and Akshay Kumar’s, a Twitter user posted a comparison that read:


After that, the film producer took advantage of it to abuse his friend by an ‘accidentally’ like to the post.

When the tweet went viral on the Internet, no sooner than the superstar’s fans realized the ‘like’ click from Shah Rukh Khan’s best friend. Immediately, a social network storm was raised like throwing thousands of anger towards the filmmaker.


On Twitter that time, Karan has claimed to fame with a negative hashtag of #ShameOnKaranJohar. The hashtag was trending on the social platform with a million sharing from people slamming him. The records noted the number of over 22,000 tweets mentioning this hashtag to make it the fifth position in India trends.

Bollywood's most controversial tweet KJo make the trend

Heading to the gorge rise, the king of controversies took to Twitter to clear the air that he experienced some "strange things" and blamed for an inanimate term.

KJo wrote:


Meanwhile, SRK also stood out to defend Karan by confirming that there was a technological mistake. He tweeted:

Srk Tweet To Defend Karan Johar

Referring that this is not an accident, many fans were pouring out more stuck words to KJo and tried to express with SRK that his friend is just pretending. How much they love King Khan is how much they shoot a hating fire towards Karan Johar.


In 2017, the Bhahubali producer touched the noise of the verdict through his tweets aiming to actor Prabhas. It was reported that the actor asked a mammoth expense of Rs 20 crore, raising a problem between him and KJo.

karan johar and prabhas

Later, KJo posted on his Twitter that:


karan johar and prabhas

Another tweet from the filmmaker that read as above.

Though the tweets did not mention any private names, however, everyone thought that Karan was noticing Prabhas for his ambitions.

It should be added in terms of Bollywood’s most controversial tweet when a now-deleted tweet from a user quoted as he wrote:

twitter user said karan johar gay

In a sarcastic response to it, KJo re-tweeted that:

Karan Johar Bollywoods Most Controversial Tweet

More than ever, Karan Johar has killed his stardom with a range of Bollywood’s most controversial tweet counting him down. But Twitter is not the only place where he raised the controversies, but also in every aspect of the glam world, you will see his name.


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