Back In Time To When Rajkummar Rao Struggles For His Harsh Time Packed In Poverty

Ankita Chetana |Oct 21, 2019

Before being a Bollywood actor, Rajkummar Rao experienced a tough time of misery that he had to struggle for each day’s meal and school fees.

Sailing the dream and positivity toward a better future, Made in China actor Rajkummar Rao has turned his woebegone life before to the success as now. Growing up with the talents in acting, he has developed himself as an approved star in the tinsel town.

Rajkummar Rao

Prior to driving a successful career, Rajkummar used to owe Rs 18 only in his bank account. Recalling the miserable period, he said:


Rajkummar Rao

The actor continued his story of poverty:


Rajkummar Rao

With such a small amount to maintain his life, Rajkummar didn’t have anything to eat. He added:


Rajkummar Rao

His father breathed his last just a month ago, and his parents’ biggest wish of having their son become an actor has come true. It might be the greatest consolation for Rajkummar’s beloved dad after his demise.

On that day, the actor took a day-off only as he revealed:



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