Happy Birthday Sonali Bendre: Her Most Empowering Messages On Fighting With Cancer

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 01, 2019

Happy birthday Sonali Bendre. Have a look back at Sonali brave messages on fighting with cancer

In July 2018, actress Sonali Bendre shocked Bollywood when announcing she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer that has metallised. However, during the dark time of her life fighting with cancer, her fan and family always can see a brave woman with empowering messages.

On Sonali’s birthday, have a look at the actress heartfelt message on social media in 2018.

"Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball”

On 4th July, the actress announced the bad news, yet like a pillar of strength to her family when hard time coming. She wrote: "Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming.”

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A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them.”


Sonali Bendre on her son: “I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you”

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Coming out with a bad new is never easy. But Sonali decided to admit the truth instead of hiding her son from the fact. Beyond Sonali’s expectation, her son ‘took the new maturely and become her source of strength.


“Marriage is standing by each other, through thick and thin, in sickness and in health”


On 16th wedding anniversary, Sonali shared a heart-touching note about her husband and the tremendous support from her family which help her went through a hard time in 2018. Took to Instagram, she wrote:

On her battle with cancer

Sonali seldom made known of her difficulty when fighting with cancer. However, in another post which shared recently, she admitted that she also has to deal with negative emotion. Even though, she didn’t deny her feeling but allowed herself to experience those feeling.



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