Venom wins over two Hindi movies in Indian box office

Author |Oct 06, 2018

oct 6, 2018

The recently released movie by Marvel Entertainment is Venom- released officially in the 4th of October. The main star is Tom Hardy.

Meanwhile, in Bollywood world, there come two new Hindi movies: Andhadhun, a thriller movie by director Ayushmann Khuranna, and Loveyatri by Aayush Sharma.
The movie industry has seen a win of Venom over the two films from Bollywood.
Statics from Box Office India shows the Rs crore each film gained in India. For Venom, it has Rs 3.5-Rs 3.75 crore. Following is Andhadhun with Rs 2.5 crore and the lowest is Rs 2 crore for the movie Loveyatri.

Venom is the story about Eddie Brock, a journalist who has his body merged with the symbotie- an alien entity and becomes Venom. The aim of Sony Pictures is to put Venom in the same movie universe with the well known franchise Avengers. Director Ruben Fleischer has been working on this film with 100$ million of investment. Next to Tom Hardy, the cast crew aslo has Michelle Williams (as Anne Weying), Riz Ahmed (as Carlton Drake), and Jenny Slate as Dr. Dora Skirth.

Although there are various opinions about Venom, the film still wins over the other two Hindi movies in the box office in India.

Venom Sequel Spoilers 913

AndhaDhun hits the theatre one day later than Venom. It is a film by director Sriram Raghavan. The  story is about Ayushmann, a blind pianist that has to report a murder case that he has never witnessed before, about the dead of a former film actor.

The film is highly rated by many good reviews, and through word of mouth it expects to see a rise in the number of people who will watch it through positive recommendation.

The opening of Andhadhun is not remarkable. It needs a soar in the weekend while keeping a stable pace on weekdays, in order to gain a big total.

Loveyatri hit the big screen on the same day with Andhadhun. Salman Khan is the producer for this film and Abhiraj Minawala is in charge of directing. The two main stars are Aayush Sharma (Sushrut) and Warina Hussain (Michaelle). Loveyatri is a story about two young people with different lives and different dreams. They met in London and fell in love with each other. As a happy ending, Sushrut and Michaelle fulfilled their dreams, returned to India and live happily ever after.

Loveyatri and AndhaDhun had unremarkable openings. Moreover, Loveyeatri did not appear in the evening show.

First Published: Oct 06, 2018 14:38 IST


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