Arjun Kapoor Hits Back At A Varun Dhawan Fan For His Offensive Comments

Maanyata Thu |May 29, 2019

A Varun Dhawan fan on Twitter, accused Arjun Kapoor of having double standards for hating Sridevi and now dating Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor's befitting reply shut the troll down.

India’s Most Wanted star Arjun Kapoor recently took to Twitter to hit back at a troll, who is apparently a Varun Dhawan fan for saying mean things about Malaika Arora and his dad’s second wife Sridevi.

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Here is what really happened!

The now-deleted tweet

On Tuesday, one Twitter user named @kusumbhutani drew a bizarre comparison between Arjun Malaika and Boney Sridevi’s relationships and accused him of showing hatred towards the late actor for marrying his father.

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Source: Twitter

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This is how Arjun Kapoor shut down the troll who accused him of having “double standards”.

Arjun Kapoor gave the hater a befitting response, stating that he has never hated anyone and always kept “a dignified distance” to the late actress. He added that if he hadn’t liked Sridevi, he would not have stood by his dad and Sridevi's two daughters Khushi and Janhvi during the tragic loss.

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Source: Twitter

The troll deleted this offensive tweet and issued an apology to Arjun Kapoor

Right after Arjun's response, the troll quickly deleted his tweet and replaced it with an apology to Arjun, stating that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and hoped that Arjun will forgive him.

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Source: Twitter

India’s Most Wanted actor graciously accepted his apology and also asked him to spread love instead of making negative comments.

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Source: Twitter

For those who don’t know…

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Anshula and Arjun Kapoor are Boney’s children from his first marriage with Mona Shourie. Boney then tied the knot with legendary actress Sridevi and they have two daughters together Janhvi and Khusi. After Sridevi's sudden death in 2018, Arjun has always been a support system to his dad and Janhvi and Khusi.

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