Arjun Kapoor Hits Back Vulgar Commenter called him Molester

duytk |Sep 12, 2018

The internet is dark and filled with trolls, and celebrities have to go through a lot every single day, as anything they say or do ends up being trolled. Parineeti Chopra just posted a motion...

A troll called Arjun Kapoor "Molester" over his film poster

Last Tuesday, Arjun Kapoor posted a motion poster on his Tweeter for the upcoming film "Namaste England". An account named 'Social_layman' then gave a vulgar comment, called Arjun Kapoor as "Molester"

The troll then criticize Arjun Kapoor's tweet very harshly, saying "Is it only me or Arjun Kapoor looks like a molester in the pic"

Trol Coment

In fact, it was a motion poster goes along with film's promotion campaign which features lead character Parineeti Chorpa and Arjun. Also, the picture had been shared by actress Parineeti. In more picture, Kapoor holds Parineeti close to his chest and it just originally a warm hug.

The Namaste England Poster
Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra in poster promote for Namaste England

Following by, Namaste actor directly addressed the unfounded comment, tweeting: “When terms like this are used lightly it signifies lack of basic human understanding of the how big a deal it is to make sure we don’t take women s safety lightly or as a joke.”

He Has Always Stood Up For What Is Right!


"Chill guys! Many veteran actors have played the look of a villain, it doesn’t make them one. People get offended so easily.”

Troll Social Layman


However, Arjun Kapoor's stern warning to the troll has received a wave of support from many people. Thus, a lot of people commented on his status and offering sincere apologies on behalf of the commenter.
On The Work Front

On The Work Front

Namaste England, starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra is a romantic comedy directed and co-produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. The movie will hit the theatres on October 19, 2018


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