Anushka Sharma Pulling Virat Kohli’s Cheeks Is Definitely The Couple Goal

Priyansh Ha |Mar 13, 2019

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's sparkling chemistry will make you feel jealous!

Despite the tight schedule, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli still make time for sweet vacations here and then. After the proAmotion of her latest film Zero, Anushka headed to Australia with Virat Kohli to celebrate New Year's Eve together.

Among their videos which explore the beauty of Australian and New Zealand, one video of the cute couple has gone rival which shows Anushka playfully pulling Virat’s cheek on a boat ride. They were in the middle of a trip to New Zealand, and Anushka was trying to ride the boat. As Virat laughed at her attempt, the actress pulled her husband's cheek which was too sweet to handle. 

They Used Fake Names To Keep Their Wedding In Secret

Recently, Anushka has revealed the details of her secret wedding ceremony for the first time. It was a small intimate ceremony in Italy with only 42 guests. The actress said that she wanted her wedding was only about two of them in a warm and blissful atmosphere of love. To keep their marriage a secret, they even used fake names to the caterer. "I think Virat’s was Rahul,” said Anushka.

Virat Reveals The Keys Of Their Relationship Goal

Anushka and cricketer Virat tied the knot in 2017. Their private wedding took place in Tuscany, Italy. Team India Captain Virat Kohli also talked about how their married life went on. He revealed that they found joys and happiness from the simplest things just like going for a walk together, or sitting and talking to each other. The candid revelation is definitely what most of us have been seeking for the ideal relationship.

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