Alia Bhatt’s father Mahesh Bhatt: 'Ranbir Kapoor Is A Great Guy'

Rena Quynh |Dec 17, 2018

Mahesh Bhatt talked about his daughter's relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. What would she think of that her father called her boyfriend "a great guy"?

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Although Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been going out together for several months, the ways they express their love in the public eye are very different. Alia seems to button up her relationship whereas Ranbir doesn’t mind showing his love towards Alia on social media.

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There are a lot of people asking about her boyfriend, but since her acting career is on the rise and her success, she's trying not to share too much information. Besides, her boyfriend, actor Ranbir Kapoor revealed on Wednesday that her upcoming film – Gully Boy will be in the Berlin Film Festival.

Alia Bhatt Coins A Special Word To Describe The Ph

Showing up splendidly for Kids’ Choice Awards on Thursday, she heard of the news and took a pointed question of what she thinks of her father Mahesh Bhatt when he approved Ranbir was her “Mr Right”. A moment of hesitation then, in return she cautiously said that as disclosing her love affair in front of many others puts her to shame, she isn’t disposed to mention and discuss it. None the less, she insisted: “But, I love my father and anything he says obviously means the world to me.”

Alia And Mahesh Bhatt

He mentioned Ranbir Kapoor during a conversation with The Telegraph, he admitted Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are in loving each other, which is obvious to everyone. He also expressed his acceptance and affection for his daughter’s boyfriend by calling him “a great guy”. About their relationship, he said that just let everything happens in the course of nature, and lets them do what they want. Even when the couple is ready for marriage which is a great event of a lifetime requiring to be carefully considered, perhaps around the 2020s.

He concluded by saying: “What they do to their relationship is something they’ll have to figure out. Whether it’s heading towards that port called ‘marriage’ — which is an institution that needs to be questioned in the second decade of the 21st century — is something for them to figure out. I’m no one to hazard a guess when that would happen or which way the relationship is going. It’s life and life needs to be lived on its own terms. Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings for us!”


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