What's HOT? Alia Bhatt Launches Her New YouTube Channel "Alia Be"!

Imran Asif Fazal |Jun 26, 2019

Alia Bhatt will be seen sharing beauty tips and fitness goals for her fans alongwith her Bollywood journey.

Alia Bhatt on Wednesday launched her new Youtube channel Alia Be. She will be seen in her homely avatar for this new social media.

Alia Bhatt will be seen sharing her sneak peeks of her daily life. Her elated fan base is excited with her new move to keep her fan base updated with her upcoming projects. She will be sharing first person account details of her daily journey to stardom apart from beauty tips and her fitness mantras.

In the video posted by her on the YouTube channel, Alia Bhatt says, "What you will get to see on my channel is a lot of me just being totally unadulterated, what goes behind the scenes. More like in front of life... good, bad and funny days. Hectic, interesting and simple days. As a person, I have been super expressive. Somewhere I have become more little bit private after becoming an actor... If you like the idea, then you have to like share and subscribe to the channel and then we will see how it goes," she further added.

A source close to Alia Bhatt, said, "What she posts on her Twitter and Instagram handles is the final result. Her channel will showcase how she works with her team behind the scenes. Whether it’s a film promotional event or a friend’s wedding, how she gets ready for it... and what does it take to do so will be some of the professional aspects that she will share."

“She will share videos about her workout and fitness regime, and also the kind of diet she follows. So while an Instagram post shows one image, the video will chronicle her journey of achieving that look," the source added.


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