Alia Bhatt & 1001 Stories About Her Controversial Attitude In Public. Does She Deserve With “Bollywood Sweetheart” Title?

Leela Adwani |Dec 05, 2020

Alia’s public behaviors or statements are way too controversial. Here is the compilation!

Touted as a Bollywood sweetheart, Alia Bhatt is one of the most-loved divas in the entertainment world. However, besides the ever-stylish appearance, charming faces, Alia’s public behaviors or statements are way too controversial. As harsh as it sounds, every now and then the actress comes under fire due to such wrong reasons.

Alia Bhatt Controversies
Is she actually a Bollywood sweetheart as the media has called her?

When she gets annoyed with the paps

Last year, the Student Of The Year star Alia could be seen attending an event at the Wadia hospital. She made heads turn with her stunning appearance as usual. Donning a lemon-yellow mini dress along with white sneakers, she looked relatively pretty.

However, the actress soon got frustrated with the overflow of paparazzi surrounded her. She literally shouted at them to maintain a distance. This even led to chaos as everyone tried to take pictures and videos of the actress at the event. Alia started losing her cool and asked them to keep silent.

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She said,

“Mein nahi jaa rahi hun, mein idhar hi hun, don’t worry. Jaise school mein silence hota hai, sab log silence. Yeh hospital hai, yaha pe chilla nhi sakte.”

Alia misbehaves with her bodyguard

The award-winning actress also faced a backlash from the netizens after a video showing her misbehaving with one of her bodyguards emerged online. As he tried to protect the star from the shutterbugs so he moved towards her, Alia walked without paying any heed to those who were shouting for a picture and suddenly glanced at that bodyguard and spoke rudely to him.

Earlier today we had an article about Kylie Jenner’s former bodyguard Tim Chung and it surely redefines the concept of the relationship between the bodyguard and star. Unlike Alia, Kylie maintained a close relationship with her staff member and she even shared a picture with Chung on her social media handle. How different!

Alia Bhatt purposely gives a sneak-peek of her phone screen in front of the paparazzi

The fact is that many stars don’t like constantly being surrounded by paparazzi. However, some of them also utilize them for their own purpose. Alia Bhatt was said to be one of them. At the launch of her friend’s debut series, Alia Bhatt was also seen in attendance. While heading to the cinema where cameramen were gathering, her phone screen was suddenly turned on and the wallpaper looked like a romantic picture with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

No prize for guessing Alia and Ranbir’s romance is the best gossip in B-town and by doing so, Alia immediately made headlines. Even though the couple constantly keeps mum on their relationship, any update about them is the talk of the town.

What do you think about Alia Bhatt and her controversies? Let us know in the comment section below!

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