Akshay Kumar Inspires Fans To Have Great Moments With Parents By His Sweet Video

Nalini Suri |Aug 29, 2019

Being parents of some children, Akshay Kumar has got the idea of parenthood more than ever. His sweet video with his mother is like a reminder for the holy relationship.

On August 27th, Bollywood highest-paid actor Akshay Kumar took to Instagram to share a video showcasing him walking alongside his wheelchair-bound mother in London streets. Not only the video but the heartfelt caption he penned also left a sense of meaningful thoughts for all the fans.

He captioned the video:


As soft yet deep emotion as the video brought, just a light conversation between Akshay Kumar and his mother during a leisure walk down a peaceful road.

Both of them were dressing casually when we can see that the superstar only wears a T-shirt with track pants that witnesses Akshay’s stylish trademark of one folded leg.

akshay kumar with his mother

The emotional post grabbed many eyes and appreciation from his fans that they put a lot of heart emojis in their comments. In the positive response to the actor’s warm message, his fans wrote: “Love u paaa gii” while one stated: “Proud of you Akki sir.”

Akshay earlier vaunted his gratitude to his mother with a back in time post on the internet. With a photo since he was young, the Daddy of the town was thankful to his mother for forcing him to eat healthily. He penned a sweetheart note:



Another time he showed up his tribute to his mom is on International Yoga Day when he admired her of practising yoga regardless of passing a knee surgery.

He wrote:



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