Akshay Kumar Funds First Transgender Home In India With Rs 1.5 Crores

Salena Harshini |Mar 03, 2020

Actor Akshay Kumar has done a noble act by donating a flabbergasting amount of Rs 1.5 crore in building the first transgender home in the country.

Akshay Kumar is a top-notch Bollywood star yet he is also well-known for his humility and kindness. The actor is downright people’s man as he can be seen friendly and eager towards his fans as well as other people. Akshay Kumar also has a strong belief in philanthropic acts and assisting the underprivileged.

Lately, the actor has come forward to lend a hand to the transgender community by setting up a sum for them to build a home in Chennai. He has rarely publicly supported people who are in need and this time, his kind gestures to the transgender people have once again won hearts of many.

Akshay Kumar Charity Project

For the unversed, Akshay Kumar donated an amount of Rs. 1,5 crores for a worthy cause. Director Raghava Lawrence shared on Facebook and made the announcement that this is the very first transgender home to be built in the nation and it is funded by Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar Philanthropy
The actor feels happy when being able to help others.

Interestingly, the actor is also coming back on the screens soon with his role in Laxmmi Bomb which also narrates the tale of a gutless man possessed by a transgender woman ghost who attempts to aveng against the people having done her wrong.

"Laxmmi Bomb" poster has created a lot of curiosity among the audience

On the other hand, it was on Laxmmi Bomb’s sets that the actor came aware of the initiative and decided to help. Raghava Lawrence unveiled that they were looking for help from the society’s biggies and doing plays to gain awareness, but Akshay Kumar has come out and offered his help readily.

In the meantime, Laxmmi Bomb is scheduled to release on June 5 this year. The movie also stars actress Kiara Advani.

Laxmmi Bomb is the official reboot of Raghava Lawrence-directed Tamil movie Muni 2: Kanchana. The filmmaker also helms this new version of the movie.

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