Akshay Kumar Did Many Action Movies Only Because The Directors Doubted His Skill

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 20, 2018

Akshay Kumar is famous for his roles in action movies, but there is a reason why he had to chose this genre so many times in the past.

Akshay Kumar is now a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry. The actor is famous for his films such as "Hera Pheri"(2000), "Baby" (2015), and "Airlift" (2016). In a recent interview, Akshay Kumar shared many interesting stories about the beginning of his career. He revealed the real reason why he joined the industry, as well as why he did only action movies in the past.


The Reason Why Akshay Stepped Into The Industry

Akshay Kumar confessed that the only reason made him join Bollywood was money. The prominent actor added that at that period of time, the only thing he knew was the action genre. He did not know other things but only took part in action movies. He had experiences because he had been learning boxing in Thailand for 5 years. Originally, Akshay planned to open a martial art institute for people in Mumbai. However, he changed his mind and took a step into the industry.


Apparently, there was a logical reason why he had such thoughts. Akshay revealed that by only acting as a model, he could get Rs 21,000, while the martial art classes just got him Rs 5,000 per month. This vast gap had completely changed his perspective. He admitted that he felt much better getting more money in this way. After that, he started to be a model and later joined in acting.

Directors Used To Doubt Akshay's Acting Skill

At the beginning of his career, Akshay Kumar mostly took part only in action genres. Up till now, he had done for almost 140 films, and most of them were action movies. There was a specific reason for this fact. Akshay revealed that it was because the producers did not really believe in his acting skill. Akshay had started with lots of action roles before he changed into comedy and romance later. At present, he can play any roles with his experienced acting skill, He also prefers movies that related to real life and social stories.

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Commercial Movies Is Better Than Documentary

Akshay Kumar also voiced out his opinion about the gap between commercial movies and documentary. He thought that there was no point in trying to make more documentary movies. He got his own reason by stating this fact. He felt thankful for being in many movies belong to this genre. To Akshay, it is not the only documentary could show the reality. Commercial films could do the same and in a better way. He wanted to use every of his opportunity to convey the social message to all the viewers through his works.

Last year, Akshay Kumar won "National Film Award". This award is the top and best one in the industry. He got chosen for this title because of his excellent performance in two movies, "Airlift" and "Rustom". His upcoming projects include many new movies. Akshay is going to be a part in "Kesari", "Mission Mangal" and the next part of "Housefull".


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