A Fan Claims That Sunil Grover Saved Her Off Depression And He Says “Comedy’s A Medicine”

Nalini Suri |Jul 23, 2019

Sunil Grover reveals his two separated fans approached to thank him for opting them get out of depression. Read the details!

Actor-comedian Sunil Grover happily shared that a fan in Dubai has approached and credited him as helping her take off the depression. Sunil who reached the fame with his portrayal of Gutthi character on The Kapil Sharma Show recently starred for Bharat together with Salman Khan and actress Katrina Kaif.

According to a report of Mumbai Mirror, a lady showed her gratitude to Sunil as he opted to remove the depression out of her.

sunil grover

Sunil unveiled that this didn’t happen the first time to him as saying:


sunil grover

Reminding the first days he entered the acting career, Sunil further added


sunil grover

The recall of humor power from the initial time in the industry, Sunil Grover at least saved some of his fans’ life from the depression. As successful as it is, the actor will grow his image more and develop his skill to bring a brighter view for everyone.


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