Female Dancer Was Harassed On The Set Of Housefull 4; Says He Touched Her Private Parts

Author |Oct 26, 2018

A shocking incident took place on the sets of Housefull 4. ANI has reported a news that a female dancer has been sexually assaulted during the filming

The filming of Housefull 4 seems not goes smooth sailing when the film crew continuously encounter countless obstacles in the pathway. Fresh on the news, a female dancer was sexually assaulted by another dancer, Pawan Shetty during the shooting under the eyes of Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh.

The woman then lodged molestation charges against the pervert, she declared that the incident happened at the presence of Riteish Deshmukh and Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar then advised her to file an FIR as soon as possible.

Here's What Happened...
The woman who was attacked by Pawan Shetty

Quoting the dancer, the report said when she was sitting with her colleague, Pawan Shetty, Sagar and four other men came in out of the blue. After that, they fiercely grabbed her friend and threatened her with violence. When the woman made attempt to stop those men, one of the men calling by the name Shetty pushed her down and touched her private part.

“I’ve filed a molestation case. I want him going to the jail”, the dancer firmly stated."

 Akshay & Riteish Were Present On The Sets
Housefull 4's producer is facing a lot of trouble on the shooting of the film.

The Woman Narrates The Horrific Incident
Actor Akshay Kumar advised her to file a case after the incident happened.
According to the woman, Shetty was one of the dancers who also filming for Housefull 4 at Chitrakoot. WithMetoo moment which is spreading through India and paving way for women to speak up, many women coming out into the open to talk about their experience, especially in the film Industry.Earlier, four women accused Housefull 4 director, Sajid Khan of sexual harassment and made him left the position of the film director. Nana Patekar, Housefull 4’s actor also becomes the talk of the town for months since Tanushree Dutta claimed that she was harassed by him.


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