7 Facts About Miss Teen 2019 Sushmita Singh: My Teachers Told Me That I'm Not Beautiful!

Priyansh Ha |Jun 11, 2019

Sushmita Singh, the 18-year-old girl from Kalyan, has made India proud by becoming the first India and Asia girl who wins the Miss Teen World Crown.

Sushmita Singh, the 18-year-old girl from Kalyan, has made India proud by winning the Miss Teen World (Mundial) Crown. The beauty pageant was conducted last month in El Salvador, USA.

With the aim of judging teen girls thoroughly on their behavior, intelligence, fitness, communication, and fashion, the contest included several activities like public parades, photo shoots, mayor visit, charitable causes, and many others.

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Sushmita Singh has become the first India and Asia girl who win the coveted crown. Source: Mid-day

With her charming beauty and great personality, Sushmita Singh has outdone more than one hundred contestants from all over the world, became the first India and Asia girl who win the coveted crown. However, her journey for the crown is not as easy as some people might think it is. The young girl used to be told that she wasn’t beautiful.

Here are 7 facts about our Miss Teen 2019 Sushmita Singh and the story of how she made it to the crown.

1. Her Teachers Told Her That She Was Not Beautiful

According to the young beauty queen, she was excellent at sports and even won medals at school. However, when her teachers and seniors heard that she wanted to become a model, they let the young girl down by saying she was not that beautiful.

After 4 years of working hard on changing her self, the 18-year-old girl decided to test her limit with the international beauty pageant and won the crown.

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Source: Mid-day

2. She Is A Multi-talented Girl

Apart from being a student, the Kalyan girl is also a great painter, sportswomen and even an orator. We were in love with how she responded to the question of how she will serve the world if she won the contest.

"I was told I was not beautiful, but I worked hard and stood up for myself, and here I am. I want to serve as an inspiration to all girls to dare to live their dreams," said the young girl in the beauty pageant.

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Source: Mid-day

3. Her Parents Believed That She Would Be The Winner

Sushmita Singh's parents Naveen and Satyabhama Singh said that they didn’t only hope but strongly believe that their daughter would win the contest. The pair also added that they were impressed with how hard working the contestants were. All of them are the winner in their own ways.

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Source: Rediff.com

4. Her Idol Is Sushmita Sen

Not only Sushmita Singh herself but both of her parents are huge fans of Sushmita Sen. That’s why she was named after the former Miss Universe. She is the one who Sushmita Singh always looks up for and dreams to see one day.

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Source: Instagram

5. She Wants To Become Miss India

Our Miss Teen 2019 admitted that she has been thinking about becoming Miss India from a very young age. Indeed, Sushmita took it seriously and worked for it after finishing class 10. However, the young beauty needs to wait for quite a while as she is too young for the pageant.

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Source: Instagram

6. She Failed With Miss Fashion Globe 2017

Sushmita took her first step into beauty contests with Miss Fashion Globe in 2017. Although she was unable to reach the top, it was a great experience for the young girl as valuable lessons have been learned.

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Source: Twitter

7. Her Most Valuable Reward Is Her Parent’s Happy Face

According to Sushmita, her biggest motivation which keeps pushing her forward is her parents. The thing which matters wasn’t the crown or titles but her parents' happy face.


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