Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.37 - Six Surprising Artistic Sides In Cricketer-Turned-Actor Karan Wahi

Priyansh Ha |May 29, 2019

Even when you’re a huge fan of Karan Wahi, one of Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018, these six fascinating facts about this charming and talented guy will take you by surprise.

How much do you think you know about the Karan Wahi, one of Top 50 Most Desirable Men? Apart from being a charming actor and television heartthrob, he is also a super-talented guy with amazing artistic sides and exciting stories to tell.

Even when you’re a huge fan of Karan, these six interesting facts below might take you by surprise.

1. Picking Up Flute

Apart from being an actor and TV host, Karan Wahi is also a music enthusiast indeed. He is potential to become a flutist as the actor has started learning the flute for quite a time with the support of his best friend, Rithvik Dhanjani. Let’s wait to see videos of Karan playing the flute like a pro some days.

2. Becoming An Author, Why Not?

Despite his busy schedule, Karan still takes his time to keep up with his writing hobby. He writes every day, from daily journal to poetries, from stories to a film and even a book. That’s superb! According to Karan, he has started working on his first book, and it will take a while to finish it. However, the subject of the book has stayed secret.

The television show Remix host also added that he is fond of following rituals. One of them is about writing letters for himself. He wrote a message for the 40-year-old Karan and sent it to his address. However, not until he turns 40 on June 9th, 2026, can the letter be opened.

3. Karan Wahi: The Soul Of An Artist Inside An Actor

Look at his amazing artworks! This talented actor can go extra miles if he takes this stuff seriously. He even has a gallery inside the house, which is full of masterpieces. How can a guy being so handsome and multi-talented at the same time?

Karan Wahi Compressed
Source: Miss Malini.

4. Karan Wahi Is Looking For A Girlfriend

Girls, let me remind you that one of our Top 50 Most Desirable Men Karan Wahi is still single. And just like any other single guys, he’s been looking for ‘a romantic partner.’ Indeed, he has tried with Tinder as it was a massive rage around the app, which got him curious. However, the actor soon found out that online dating wasn’t his way. He feels more comfortable with the ‘old-school’ things like meeting and talking in person.

Opening up about his ideal type of girlfriend, Karan Wahi says that he is looking for a driven woman from whom he can learn something. By learning from his partner, Karan believes that it’s the best way for him to sustain the relationship.  

5. Karan Wahi: Who Loves Eating Butter And Drinking Beer

If someone says that being talented and good-looking is not enough for him to be one out of Top 50 Most Desirable Men, here are a few photos of Karan Wahi with his incredible physique to shut them up.

In case you didn’t know, our cricketer-turned-actor has been into fitness since he was six years old. He started working out at the age of 14 and has been keeping it up ever since. It’s not that easy for a guy to be on the cover of India’s first Men’s Health, Karan Wahi nailed it when he was only 19.

According to Karan, who ranked No. 36 of the Top 50 Most Desirable Men, staying fit is not only about crazy work out and a strict diet. It’s about knowing your body and keeping it in balance. He also reveals that he loves drinking beer and eating butter and that guilty pleasure doesn’t do a matter to his toned figure.

6. Karan Wahi And His Passion For Interior Decorating

The myth that all bachelors are untidy doesn’t work to Karan. On the contrary, his house is not only neat but well-decorated. He picks up and organizes all items on his own, gives it a touch of peace and serenity. Meanwhile, there are a few quirky items like the yellow garden chair or the Z-shaped side table, which add a little fun into his cozy living space.

Karan Wahi 2 Instagram
Photo Credit: Miss Malini.

Karan Wahi 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: Miss Malini.


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