10 Interesting Revelations From "Uri: The Surgical Strike" Star Vicky Kaushal You Probably Didn't Know

Kareena Kusari |May 15, 2019

2018 became the unforgettable year in Vicky Kaushal's career as offers had poured into him and bring him the dramatic role in "Uri: The Surgical Strike" early this year.

Despite not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth like numerous other celebrities, Vicky Kaushal is still a talent who can hog the limelight even if he is not the male lead like his portrayal in Sanju. Subsequently, 2018 became the unforgettable year in his career as offers had poured into him and brought him the dramatic role in Uri: The Surgical Strike early this year.

Post Uri’s extraordinary success, his fanbase on social media has been on a steady increase. However, there are still some facts about him which few people don’t know.

Here are 10 interesting facts you probably don’t know about the actor who stole the spotlight in Uri, Vicky Kaushal!

1. Blossom romance with Harleen Sethi

Vicky Kaushal Harleen 3 Instagram
Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi. Photo Credit: Instagram.

After a long time in a rumoured relationship, actor Vicky Kaushal has eventually acknowledged his love affair with television actress Harleen Sethi last month. The couple first met together at his mate Amritpal Singh Bindra's bash.

Vicky made a big revelation in an interview with Famously Filmfare:

Screenshot 14

2. Pursuing an engineering education before starting his Bollywood journey

Vicky Kaushal 9 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Before coming to acting, Vicky was an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer. He even received a job offer after completing his education from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 2009. Nonetheless, he once confided, "I had a job letter in my hand after completing my engineering in 2009, which I tore apart" to pursue a passion called acting in him.

3. Vicky's viewpoint of love: Love is about giving

Vicky Kaushal 8 Biz Asia
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Respecting for who she is, and giving her the space to be herself without changing her, and loving her unconditionally is Vicky's point of view on love. In his eyes, love is about giving. The more you give, the more you get.

4. Unable to swim despite multiple tries

Vicky Kaushal 7 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

In spite of extreme fear of water since childhood, Vicky has made numerous attempts; however, all of which has failed. He even once attended a swimming class together with other children, merely half his size. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a disaster.

5. Once smoking five cigarettes packs per day

Vicky Kaushal 4 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

In spite of a non-smoker, Vicky smoked five packets of tobaccos a day to have an authentic portrayal of Raghavan Singh, who is a chain smoker, in 2016 Raman Raghav 2.0.

6. Nurturing a love of dancing, travelling and reading apart from his passion for acting

Vicky Kaushal 11 India Today
Photo Credit: India Today.

7. Starting his acting career with the role of an assistant director

Vicky Kaushal 1 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Surprisingly, the portrayal in Neeraj Ghaywan's 2015 Masaan is not Vicky's Bollywood debut. Instead, he kicked off his career with the role of an assistant director in Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur, wherein he used to work for 18 hours per day.

8. Getting familiar with the stage since childhood

Vicky Kaushal 10 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Vicky's father, the veteran action director Shyam Kaushal, was once a stuntman as he was a little child. Therefore, since his childhood, the actor made his usual appearances through dancing, skits, and fancy dress competition. Nevertheless, he never thought of pursuing an acting career.

9. Being a true gourmet

Vicky Kaushal 5 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Surprisingly, Vicky is also a genuine foodie with his loves for Jalebi-Rabri, Chinese dishes, Pani-Puri, and Aaloo Paratha.

10. Dominating the 2018's silver screen with five movies

Vicky Kaushal 2 Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram.

Vicky chose his path by climbing each progressive step of the ladder at the beginning of his career. However, he never thought of delivering five film releases as he did in 2018. He once revealed, "If in 2015 someone would have told me that there will be a year where I would have had five releases, with the best of directors in the industry, I would have said it's a joke." But it happened and made his horizons widen.

Vicky's five flicks in 2018 include Raazi, Lust Stories, Love per Square Foot, Sanju, and Manmarziyaan.


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