15 Iconic Pairs Of Bollywood Bromance That Will Definitely Move Anybody

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 23, 2019

Audience seek for not only couple love, but also family love and moving friendship. Below we provide a bromance list from 20 Bollywood movies.

Besides lovers families, friends are also an indispensable part of everyone's life. In many cases, friends are the ones we feel most comfortable with, willing to share the most profound thoughts without worrying about their reaction or betrayal. Friends can come from the other sex or the same. And as Kenny Sebastian accurately concluded, two guys being best bros are just short of being lovers. And we can also recognise a lot of this precious bromance among Bollywood actors.

Below is the friendship list from the most iconic pairs, who will leave you with a warm smile of satisfaction, or teary eyes as being extremely moved, or even excitement when joining their wild adventures.

1. Ramu - Mohan Bromance (Dosti)

Bromance Ramu Mohan

One of the oldest tales in friendship yet remaining in many audience's hearts is Dosti. The 1964 black-and-white movie depicts an emotional friendship between two boys, one blind and the other an amputee. Being loved more thanks to moving sound tracks like Jaanewalo zara and Raahi manwa dukh ki chinta, the film is considered a super hit at the box office.

2. Sameer - Kunal Bromance (Dostana)

Bromance Sameer Kunal

These two men pretend to be a gay couple, with an aim to share an apartment with a girl. Even though both of them fall in love with her eventually, viewers are impressed with the perfect bromance presented by the actors. In the scenario of normal daily life, Sameer and Kunal show us a peaceful yet intriguing relationship. Dostana is said to be bravely shed light on some sensitive issue for the Indian audience.

3. Munna  -Circuit Bromance (Munnabhai series)

Bromance Munna Circuit

Unlike his self-confirmation as a gangster, Munna is so lovable when trying to fix the world with his pure heart. The series received high appreciation from the public partially thanks to the appearance of Circuit who affectionately takes care of Munna and willingly do anything he asks. With the help of Circuit, our adorable gangster can remain the purest thoughts and feelings no matter how challenging, and cruel life is.

4. Jai - Veeru Bromance (Sholay)

Bromance Jai Veeru

The film centres around two criminals, Veeru and Jai, who were later hired by a retired police officer to catch an evil dacoit. The two actors' eye-catching action moves as well as their intriguing adventure undoubtedly capture the audience's heart, making Sholay one of the most successful movies ever in Bollywood history.

5. Aman - Rohit Bromance (Kal Ho Naa Ho)

Bromance Aman Sameer

Although the story narrates how Aman Mathur attempts to bring Naina, the lead female, and Rohit Patel together due to his terminally-ill heart disease, the two actors' bromance also stands out. So much sweetness and thoughtfulness they have for each other that Aman and Rohit are willing to step back for the other's happiness.

6. Devdas - Chunnilal Bromance (Devdas)

Bromance Devdas Chunnilal

Movie watchers can witness a moving yin-yang relationship between Chunnilal and Devdas. After his own family rejects his marriage, Devdas becomes alcohol-addicted, leading to his emotional deterioration. He has to seek refuge from a courtesan, Chunnilal, and both of them spending the last lifetime together, drinking sorrows. Despite the tragedy and bitterness it contains, the movie still succeeds in presenting a feeling of warmth when after all, you still have somebody besides like the last light at the end of the tunnel.

7. Bishan - Kishan Bromance (Yaarana)

Bromance Bishan Kisahn

Bishan-Kishan is regarded as one of the most iconic on-screen bromances in Bollywood history. The film provides audiences with not only daily affection but the ultimate sacrifice for a friend, as one takes the other's place in a mental asylum. This affectionate relationship is given high appreciation, even higher than some couple love releasing at the same period.

8. Vijay - Sher Khan Bromance (Zanjeer)

Bromance Vijay Sher Khan

Sher Khan is not hesistant to show his life-long allegiance to inspector Vijay, remaining besides the latter one as a filmy friend who's always willing to do everything for the beloved. The well-known song Yaari hai imaan mera, yaar meri zindagi greatly helps to leave an unforgettable impression on viewers about beautiful sacrifice.

9. Amar - Prem Bromance (Andaz Apna Apna)

Bromance Amar Prem

Being said as the Indian Jim Carrey-Jeff Daniels, our guys are put on a wild chase to marry a rich heiress. However, as usally, the way to pursue wealth is never easy. Two of them face numerous difficulties, causing humorous errors, mistaken identities and abduction. They can eventually overcome all thanks to the other's support and active cooperation.

10. Vinod - Ashok Bromance (The Burning Train)


Featuring a huge all-star cast, The Buring Train catches the public's attention even before its release. In the film, Vinod and Ashok collaborate to save a burning train named the Super Express, which is carrying hundreds of people. Their intelligence, satisfying actions, together with perfect cooperation, do not let anticipated audiences down.

11. Bhuvan - Ismail Bromance (Lagaan)

Bromance Bhuvan Ismail

Another action movie full of bromance that you should never miss out is Lagaan. In the film, Bhuvan and his partner, Ismail, manage to resuce their team on a magical third and final day. Despite all of the obstacles on the way, they successfully bring the team to the target.

12. MC Sher - Murad Bromance (Gully Boy)

Bromance Sher Murad

The recently released movie, Gully Boy, exposes an intimate relationship between MC Sher and Murad. They help each other grow stronger and better, like how MC Sher supported Murad. They also always put the other in mind, give him the most priority, no matter how many achievements are obtains, just as the way Murad never forgets his MC Sher. Their bromance deeply moves you, and makes you absolutely believe in its influence on a person's life.

13. Shyam - Raju - Babu Rao Bromance (Hera Pheri)

Bromance Shyam Raju Babu Rao

Who says bromance is just for two? Three actors from Hera Pheri totally break this untrue statement. Their way to team up and make a quick buck is so hilarious yet also something worth rooting for. Try re-watching it should you desire a meaningful comedy movie.

14. Arjun - Imran - Kabir Bromance (ZNMD)

Bromance Arjun Imran Kabir

Setting in mysterious Spain, Zoya Akhtar's version of Dil Chahta Hai attracts audiences not only by its breath-taking scenes but also the dynamic of male best friends. In just a short duration of a road trip in Spain, three of them succeed in getting close and supporting each other to combat with their biggest inner demon.

15. Ishaan - Omkar - Govind Bromance (Kai Po Che!)

Bromance Ishaan Omkar Govind

Based on the character written in The 3 Mistakes of My Life novel by Chetan Bhagat, the film, thanks to amazing directorial of Abhishek Kapoor, surely bring life into the lifeless pages. The plot revolves around three friends, Ishaan, Omkar and Govind, who is chasing the dream of opening their own sports shop and a sports academy. Various ups and downs in life reveal their strong bromance, together with Amit Trivedi's sensational music, to leave movie watchers in sweetness and satisfaction.

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