10 Unknown Facts About The "Queen Of Bollywood" Kangana Ranaut

Nagini Shree |Mar 24, 2019

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most talented and stylish actresses of Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut is one of the top Bollywood actresses nowadays. Known as the “Female Khan” of the Bollywood, she can rule the box office unaccompanied with her inspiring acting skills and successful movies. Queen, which marked a new beginning for Kangana’s career, was an unexpected hit and earner Kangana great kudos for her work. Then came Tanu Weds Manu Returns, which established her as one of the most sought after female actors in Bollywood.

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Also, Kangana Ranaut is also one of the very few top ladies in the Hindi films for the past decades that succeeded to turn into an A-list heroine without working with any of the Khans or under the name of big production houses. She is an outsider in the world of Bollywood and has stood the test of time and gossip to persevere with flying colours.  After much criticism and rejections, she finally raised to a step many dreams of.

Here are the top ten facts about Kangana Ranaut which will let you know more about her:

1. Dropping out of school

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Source: indiatoday.in

Kangana Raunat left her studies at the age of 15 and wished to pursue her career in the sculpture making. However, she didn't get approval from her family; she even got a slap on her face from her father for the very first time.

2. The black sheep of her family

Kangana Ranaut and her family. Source: The Indian Express

She may have ruled many hearts and won several awards, but Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was an unwanted girl child who grew up always being reminded about her ‘unwanted existence’. She once fought with her father and was asked to leave home without any pennies.

3. Supporting her sister

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Source: DNA India

Kangna Ranaut has a younger sister named Rangoli, who was a victim of an acid attack in 2005 by a jilted man. Kangana did her utmost best to help her recover both physically and emotionally. Till now, she devises a robust emotional connection with her younger sister.

4. Dirty Secret

Kangana Ranaut
Source: naukrinama.com

Kangana Ranaut revealed that she was a slob who hated taking a shower, but reading up about energies changed her lifestyle, which can be seen with her promoting cleanliness by playing Goddess Laxmi in a cleanliness campaign. Kangana also has a habit of smoking and drinking.

5. Hard days

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Source: thehumornation.com

Kangana was not from a rooted Bollywood family, which added many difficulties to her struggle days. She had to travel in auto taxes and locals. She also slept on pavements when she had nowhere to stay.

6. Early life in Theatre

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Kangana Ranaut started her career as a theatre actor in Delhi accompanied by the Asmita Theatre Group before she made her movie debut with Gangster (2006 ). She also worked for director Arvind Gaur in the India Habitat Centre as well as performed in numerous plays. Her first play was Taledanda.

7. OOPs! Zero?

Source: masala.com

According to some sources, Kangana had lost out on the film to Katrina Kaif on Zero. At first, Aanand was keen on casting Kangana opposite Shah Rukh. However, considering how he apparently had a tough time shooting with Kangana during Tanu Weds Manu Returns, he finalised Kat for the role.

8. Big fan of Aamir Khan

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Kangara Ranaut and Aamir Khan. Source: thehumornation.com

Believe it or not, Kangara Ranaut admired Aamir Khan. The star sits with her team during the film’s editing. It was Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan that inspired perfection in her role.

9. Youngest actress to win National Awards

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Source: Deccan Chronicle

Kangana Ranaut is one of the youngest actresses to win the prestigious National Film Awards at the age of 22. Apart from this, she has also won four Filmfare Awards: Best Female Debut – Gangster (2006), Best Supporting Actress – Fashion (2008), Best Actress – Queen (2014), and Critic’s award for Best Actress – Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015).

10. Role model

Source: Indiatvnews.com

Kangana Ranaut is a self-made success. She is all about self-love and is passionate about fashion, food, and fitness which are among her acts of self-love. The actress does not feel marriage is necessary and may not even marry altogether. She encourages young girls to not depend on marriage for their livelihood and identity.


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