Vikas Gupta And Parth Samathaan: Leave The Past Behind To Embrace Peace

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 14, 2018

Until today, Vikas had not break the silence of the past incident either expressed his thought, however admitted that he and Parth can never be best friend again

Back when Vikas Gupta and Parth Samathaan made a perfect teammate on their famous MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan were bitterness memory. Their friendship, however, cracked up when Parth Samthaan accused Vikas of sexual harassment and even filed a police case. The former once angrily announced “No show, If ViKas Gupta is on board”. After years being apart, the Kasauti Zadagi Kay 2 actor confessed that they had come to a mutual decision of burying the hatchet, let go of negativity.

“What Happened Between Us Was Not Good”
Parth Samathaan and Vikas Gupta

Should the past leave behind us


Parth Says He & Vikas Will Continue To Be Friends!

We will continue to be friends

We all grow older one day. And one important thing to remember that is positivity side by side you. I believe that we are at the same stage now and will continue to be friends. "We have to put all the negativity behind us.”


Vikas Is Happy With The Way Parth’s Career Is Shaping Up!

Vikas congrats to Parth’s Career Development

Until today, Vikas has not broken the silence of the past incident either expressed his thought, however saying that: "I am happy that Parth is playing Anurag and I really liked Erica also, in the promos of the show. I am pleased to see him in a good phrase.

“Parth & I Can Never Be Best Friends Again”

Vikas: “I cannot forget the hurt and we can never be best friend again”

Even Vikas and Parth fans has seen the two reconciled in a recent birthday party event, Vikas admitted he can't get it slip from his memory as it was a hurtful time.

We were the best companion to each other, and the incident left me shaken. Though Parth and I can never be best friends again, we decided that it was important to laid-off all that negativity.

“What Has Happened In The Past Has No Relevance Now”

The past left behind and we embrace peace


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