Inside The State-Of-The-Art Villa Where ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Was Filmed, Guess How Much It Cost For One Night?

Leela Adwani |Apr 29, 2020

If money is not a matter, Casa Tau is perfect for your post-lockdown vacation. Check out what's inside and the price for one night!

While we are all stuck inside our house in the wake of the global health crisis, Coronavirus pandemic, many opt to binge-watch and reality series is an indispensable part of any potato couch’s must-watch list. When it comes to a show that is currently taking the Internet by storm, dating show Too Hot to Handle might top the list. The Netflix series is all about hot and horny contestants who aren’t allowed to have any sexual activity from kissing to full intercourse to win the prize of $100,000.

Too Hot To Handle 6
The no-sex rule makes the show special

10 sexy singletons are dropped at a luxury retreat together and the audiences will see way too much of their lives every day. If watching Too Hot to Handle make you crave a beach vacation, here is what you are looking for.

Where is the show filmed?

If you are always wondering about the location of the crystal clear seas and lush white beaches that we see in the show, then you will have the answer right away. The Netflix reality program is filmed at a private seafront villa called Casa Tau which has its own slice of beach in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Too Hot To Handle
Garden-front double room in the villa

Officially start its business run in the year 2018, the resort is a part of a luxury gated community in Los Ranchero area of Punta Mita.

Too Hot To Handle 2
Big-size bathroom
Too Hot To Handle 3
Chill corner and also the favorite spot of the contestants
Too Hot To Handle 4
Casa Tau has its own slice of beach

It has 12 guest rooms with three sea-front master suites and a double room. According to the website of Casa Tau, the villa can house up to 27 people at the same time and just well under the size of THTH cast.

The resort also owns an infinity pool along with pool tables, table tennis, and jacuzzi. Not just this it’s also fully equipped with breakfast bars, big-size kitchen, and even a wine fridge.

How much does it cost for a night at Casa Tau?

If money is not a matter, Casa Tau is perfect for your post-lockdown vacation. For one night staying there, it costs you around $15,000.

Too Hot To Handle Villa
One night staying there might cost you an arm and a leg

In case you want all your meals cooked during your stay, you have to pay an additional cost of $120 per day.


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