No Sex To Win $100,000 Prize - What's Inside The Dating Show 'Too Hot to Handle'?

Leela Adwani |Apr 22, 2020

Love is from the heart first and not under the pants. Why "Too Hot to Handle" is so popular now?

When the giant streaming service Netflix executives decided to give the green light for the brand-new reality show Too Hot to Handle, many might think this show is way too overrated and just like many other dating shows. In fact, Too Hot to Handle is the close cousin with other Netflix original smash hit Love Is Blind and ITV’s Love Island. It has skyrocketed to the top of Netflix’s charts in many countries. The overnight success of this dating show is, of course, no surprise as it combines sex, alcohol and especially burning hot single and ready to mingle contestants.

Too Hot To Handle Full Hd Vietsub
Too Hot To Handle is so popular recently


It’s not far off to say while thousands, even millions of companies are on the edge of going bankrupt in the wake of Coronavirus, Netflix, on the other hand, has hit the jackpot as people across the world are suddenly locked down so the demand for binge-watching is increasing. This streaming service has launched a new group of want-to-become reality stars, dropped them at an ocean-front resort with a no-sex rule to win a whopping cash prize at the end. Yes, NO SEX.

Too Hot To Handle
They are not allowed to have sex

Any sexual contact and breaking the rules will deduct the budget of $100,000 prize awaiting them. At the beginning of the show, the demonstrator who never appears on the screen but is ever-present has said that in the era, people have sex as easy as swiping right on Tinder.  “there is a bunch of cash. Just don’t touch” according to comedian and narrator Desiree Burch of Too Hot to Handle.

The meaningful message behind the dating show

The cast consists of diverse races and comes from many different countries including America, England, Australia, Ireland with cultural ideas, new slang, and new accents. It’s a perfect platform to blend the culture.

Too Hot To Handle 2
They come from different countries and races

Not just that, the show is also quite relevant and delivers a meaningful message in the hookup culture of today. Setting the no-sex rule makes it harder for participants to resist each other. However, it’s somehow a good way for youngsters to have more time to know more about each other. Love is from the heart first and not under the pants.

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