This Is What Happens To Those Who Never Watch "Game Of Thrones"

Priyansh Ha |Apr 18, 2019

Welcome to the world of outsiders!

It feels like the whole world is going wild as “the winter is coming.” To be honest, I have no idea what does it means. They only keywords that I can recall are “battle,” “swords” and “death.” (Am I get it right?) If it’s true that the whole world is getting involved in, I would rather be the only one who sits these Game Of Thrones things out. Fortunately, I’m not alone as there is another war happening on my Twitter timeline.

Game Of Thrones

For those who do watch the series, both the online and offline world is a minefield full of spoiler. If you don’t, it would be a bit too much harsher to live. As you sit outside of the game, you sit outside of the world also. It was precisely in November 2018 when the final season was confirmed, you and others, who never live in a world of Westeros, have been forgotten.

Game Of Thrones Season 8
As you sit outside of the game, you live outside of the world too. (Source: News Sky)

If you don’t watch The Bachelor, it’s okay as scrolling down for a few tweets can keep you updated on what’s happening. Game Of Thrones is not the same. It’s like skipping your class for a month, and when you come back, they have created a brand-new language which everyone can understand but you.

Welcome To The World Of Outsiders!

For those who think they deserve a kind of award for not watching any single episode of the show, what you get will hundreds of dramatic eye-rolls. And those who took to their Twitter posts like “lmao am I the only one who has never watched Game of Thrones?!”, watch your mouth as there are at least five offensive fans out there getting ready for a severe attack. Anyway, being offended for not watching Game Of Thrones is somehow better than being completely isolated.


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