Looking Back At The Great Journey Of "The Voice India Season 3"

Kangana Paakhi |Sep 01, 2019

"The Voice India Season 3" has come to an end, with Sumit Saini claiming the winner trophy. Premiered on February 3rd, "The Voice Star Plus" was running for three months. Let’s sit down and re-watch some of the most memorable moments.

The Voice of India is one of the most favourite TV shows in India, and it was confirmed to be renewed for a third season earlier this year. There were several changes to this season, with the most noticeable being a brand new cast of judges and mentors.

As for the format of the show, basically, it remained the same as the two previous seasons, but with a new feature called “Block” that allowed a judge to deter another judge from getting a contestant. Meanwhile, The Steal Button was kept, but down to one steal per judge.

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With a total of 26 episodes, The Voice India Season 3 has been a delightful TV experience. As a part of the huge television franchise The Voice, the show followed the original format including three phases: Blind auditions, battle rounds, and live shows.

Blind auditions

As the name suggests, the first round is where contestants perform one song that they’re most confident in, while four couches sitting at chairs with their back facing the stage and listening without seeing the contestants. If any coaches like the singing and want that contestant in their team, they can press the “I WANT YOU” button at any time to turn their chair around. In case there is more than one coach rotating their chairs, it is upon the contestant to make the decision.

But the coaches can do whatever they can to persuade the contestant to join their team. And this is where the “battle” among four coaches to appeal to the contestants began. In this The Voice India Season 3, there are a total of 15 contestants who get all four “I WANT YOU” buttons, including the runner-up Adnan Ahmad.

The runner-up Adnan Ahmad performing “Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai” for the blind auditions.

This year’s winner Sumit Saini opened the first episode, receiving three turnarounds before choosing to work with Harshdeep Kaur. The blind auditions went on for seven episodes, with 13 contestants to each team.

The Battles

Two contestants from each team came up on the stage and did a duo performance of the designated song. After that, the team coach decided who won and got to the next round. And it’s time the Steal button came in action. Other coaches can “steal” any losing contestants and both the winners and the stolen contestants advanced to the Super Battles.

The Steal button in The Voice 2019 resulted in many unexpected twists.

The contestants pulled off amazing performances, covering several Bollywood hit songs like “Dard-e-Disco”, “ Mitwa”, “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” and so on.

The Super Battles

In this round, three to four contestants from each team were put against each other on the stage. Among those, only two singers can have a place in the top 16. This was kinda similar to the Battle round, but this time the contestants can choose their own songs and perform individually. The Super Battle episode aired on March 10th, with sixteen contestants left.

The Grand-Gala

This was a non-elimination round and contestants performed individually. This was a break from all the drama and intense moments when the audience could sit back and enjoy the show. Of course, our talented singers did not disappoint. Some of the great performances we can name are Simran Chaudhary with “Kate Nahin Kat Te” (from “Mr. India”), Hargun Kaur with ”Ek Haseena Thi”, Kaushik  Kar with “Hari Om Hari”…

The Live Shows

The final round of The Voice India 2019 is the live shows. Each team would send out a top contestant to compete with another one during a live broadcast. The coach will choose the one to get onto the next round. One more thing is that the audience can also have their say in this, by voting for their favourite singers.

Simran Chaudhary from Adnan Sami’s team and Hargun Kaur from Harshdeep Kaur's team were two names saved by the public’s votes. At the end of this round, nine contestants made it into the semifinal, where the number down to four in the final: Sumit Saini and Hargun Kaur from Harshdeep Kaur’s team, Simran Chaudhary and Adnan Ahmad from Adnan Sami’s team.

Four finalists of The Voice India Season 3

The Final

The grand finale was the battle of four, competing for the number one spot. Unfortunately, A.R.Rahman couldn’t make it to the show as the super judge due to ill health. Instead, the well-known singer Asha Bhosle will make a special appearance as a celebrity guest.

Sumit Saini – The winner of The Voice India 2019.

Beating Hargun Kaur, Simran Chaudhary and Adnan Ahmad, Sumit Saini has become the final winner of The Voice India Season 3, winning the prize of Rs 25 lakh. Sumit was in coach Harshdeep Kaur’s team and has made quite an impression from his performance in the blind auditions Kinna sona tenu rab ne banaya.

The audience also got to enjoy amazing performances by the judges. All four judges, even the special judge Asha Bhosle, blessed us with amazing performances on many hit songs.

The Voice India Season 3 has received a lot of attention and love from the audience. We’re looking forward to the next season of this famous television show. And hopefully, it will be as successful as The Voice Star Plus 2019.                   


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