Taher Ali Exclusive Interview: “I Play A Very Layered Character in ZEE5 Original Bombers”

Mohnish Singh |Jul 05, 2019

In an exclusive conversation with STARBIZ, model-turned-actor Taher Ali talks candidly about his new web-series “Bombers”. Helmed by Vishal Furia and written by Vishal Kapoor, the series premiered on ZEE5 on June 22.

It’s every actor’s dream to play an out of the ordinary character. While some actors keep working years after years and still such roles continue to elude them, but then there are some lucky actors like Taher Ali who bag such parts in the very beginning of their career.

Taher Ali, who has represented India as Mr. India World in Mister World competition, is the next model-turned-actor on the block. He debuted in the digital world with the ZEE5 original Bombers which had its premiere recently. Directed by Vishal Furia, the series revolves around a Bengali footfall team fighting against all odds for its survival. Taher Ali is seen as one of the team members Mithun, who has to win both internal and external battles.

In an exclusive interview with STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh, Taher Ali opens up about playing Mithun, what led him to nab the role, his experience of working together with an ensemble cast and much. The tall and handsome actor also talks about what types of roles he wishes to do from hereon. Excerpts...

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Taher, your web-series Bombers is out now on ZEE5. How has been the response so far?

The response has been good so far. People have liked it and waiting for the remaining 4 episodes to come out on the 10th of July. When you hear that people are waiting for the upcoming episodes, that means that they are interested.

Tell us something about your character in the series?

I am playing Mithun in the web series. It was very challenging for me to start my career with such a strong character to come out with. Mithun is a homosexual character. He does not really go out there in public and talk about his sexuality, but if you go ask him, he won’t hide it either. It is indeed a very layered character. He wants to play football for his father, to prove himself to him, but he is also an automobile engineer who loves cars and engines and has a garage of his own.

How did you bag the part?

I got a call from the casting director who was doing the casting for the series. I went and auditioned for 3 characters actually, but my favorite was Mithun and the next thing I knew was that I was selected for the same. I was extremely happy to bag the role.

The series boasts of an ensemble cast. How has been the experience of working with everyone?

Yes, it is a huge cast and I loved working with everyone. Most of the actors working on the series were much more experienced than me like Ranveer Shorey sir, Zakir Hussain Sir, Varun and all my teammates who were cast in it. We share a great bond off-screen too. We joke and work and have a lot of fun on set with each other.

Tell us something about your background?

So, I have been a model for the past few years. I have even represented India as Mr. India World in Mister World contest. I still am one of the top 10 male Models of India and it has been great. I have been really, really grateful for everything and moving on to working in front of the camera as an actor. I am looking forward to my journey ahead.

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Did you always want to become an actor?

Yes, I have always wanted to become an actor. It’s not even my dream actually, it’s my Mother's dream to see me as a leading actor in our country very soon and I just want to make her dreams come true. So I am at it!

If not acting, then which profession would you have taken up?

Acting has become the only thing which I want to pursue in the future. I never have really thought of doing anything else. Neither do I want to have an option because the moment you have an option, you already have a doubt in your head.

What types of roles do you want to do from here on?

I would love to take up any and every role which comes my way. Actually, the one which has a graph. I am not at all choosy at the moment but definitely want to try out different, interesting characters.

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Apart from acting, what excites you the most?

Filmmaking is one thing that excites me to the core.

What is next in the pipeline?

There are few projects that are interesting and I am really excited for them to go on the floor as soon as possible.


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