"Swaragini" Show Star Nupur Alankar Selling Her Jewelry To Pay Bills

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 09, 2019

"With no cash at home and every one of our records solidified, I was left with no choice, yet to auction my gems", says Nupur.

The PMC Bank crisis has influenced numerous lives, including that of celebs. The bank as of late just crumbled and solidified reserve funds of each record holder at the bank.

Nupur Alankar of Swaragini acclaim is likewise a casualty of the crisis. The on-screen character uncovered as of late that Nupur has been experiencing a significant monetary crisis and has even needed to auction her gems to endure.

The entertainer includes that she was additionally compelled to acquire cash from companions from the business since the vast majority of her relatives are subject to her and even their records have been solidified by the bank.

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She told a leading daily, "I am confronting a significant monetary crisis. I had accounts in different banks which I moved to this bank a couple of years back. Much to my dismay that my relatives - mother, sister, spouse, sister-in-law and father-in-law - and my life reserve funds will be solidified this way. The Reserve Bank of India previously checked as far as possible for record-holders to '1,000 and later expanded it to '10,000 and after that '25,000 for every individual.

However, that sum can be pulled back just once in a half year. How am I expected to get by without cash? Would it be advisable for me to contract my home at this point? Why would that be a top without anyone else hard-earned cash? I have been steadily covering salary regulatory obligation, so for what reason am I enduring today?

A roundabout was as of late discharged that we can pull back '50,000 to one lakh if there should arise an occurrence of kids' instruction or health-related crisis. A relative was basic, yet we couldn't bear to hospitalize her. We have now contracted a home medical attendant to watch out for her. Also, none of our credit or charge cards is working."

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Nupur includes, "With no cash at home and every one of our records solidified, I was left with no choice, yet to auction my gems. I needed to, truth be told, get '3,000 from a kindred entertainer. Another moved '500 for my drive.

Up until this point, I have acquired '50,000 from companions. There is no clearness when the issue will be settled and we are frightened that we will lose our cash. The most exceedingly awful part is, I am not by any means qualified for credit any longer. The minute I state that my records were in PMC Bank, even the telecallers hang up."


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