"Ramayan" Star Debina Bonnerjee Flaunts Bikini For The TV Show

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Jul 10, 2019

"I was nervous initially but I knew that the plot line of the show demanded this", says Debina.

The famous TV actress Debina Bonnerjee who shot to fame with the popular daily soap Ramayan is now breaking the internet with her super sensuous hot bikini pictures. The actress playing the character of an antagonist in a supernatural show Vish. Debina recently has seen flaunting her body in a bikini on the show.

This is the first time in her career that Debina has flaunted a bikini on a television show. While the actress was quite nervous, she also feels that times are changing and so are TV viewers.

Debina Bonnerjee gained popularity after playing the character of Goddess Sita in Ramayan and is now playing a vishkanya in Vish. Apart from her performance in the show, Debina is also popular for her fashion statements in it.

In an interview with ZoomTV, Debina Bonnerjee got candid about how much ratings and numbers matter to her and how she is enjoying playing the role of an antagonist more than she enjoyed playing a Goddess Sita.

She said, “The range is outstanding. From doing harness action scenes to wearing a body rig and doing high drama scenes to absolute natural scenes to drama to melodrama to comedy, I think I am exploring it all here. The character is not bound with any restrictions of language dialogues or body language, I am just free to act and behave in any way under any circumstance that adds that extra spice to the character was in as a Goddess I am bound with loads of restrictions and yet make it believable and convincing.”


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