No Content Regulation On Online Streaming Platforms, Says Ministry Of Technology

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 11, 2019

This is weird for online stages conveying uncensored substance, loaded with oppressive language as well as with brutality and nakedness.

Could web-based gushing shows, for example, Netflix and Amazon limit "hostile to national" and "against Hindu" content on shows?

India Today's selective RTI answer from the Ministry of innovation says no such checking at this moment. This is weird for online streaming platforms uncensored substance, loaded with oppressive language as well as with brutality and nakedness. This might be hostile to many.

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Anyway, the inquiry is, what has the Government of India up to, if it is, all in all, to control such web-based gushing shows? Who is watching out for the online streaming platforms, for example, Netflix and Amazon, which began offering its substance in India in 2016?

India Today TV recorded an RTI (Right to Information) application with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) because the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is the statutory restriction and order body under the Ministry of I&B which is entrusted with "managing the open presentation of movies.

In light of the RTI, the I&B service stated, "So far as this Ministry is concerned, the substance on online streaming platforms are not being managed at present. Anyway, your application is being moved under Section 6 (3) of the Act to CPIO, Ministry of Electronics and IT, New Delhi to give data relating to them".

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology reacted to the questions. The primary inquiry was if the legislature of India is blue-pencilling or managing content on spilling video stages like Amazon or Netflix? The Ministry answered, "Service of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) doesn't control or direct substance".

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The subsequent inquiry was if the Ministry is wanting to control the substance of such stages? The reaction of the MeitY was "Middle people as characterized in IT Act 2000 need to pursue due ingenuity as endorsed in Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011".

In this way, while the IT demonstration online streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon to pursue "due tirelessness" in their substance there is nobody to check if these self-regulative systems are working or not.

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Our next inquiry was if there is any office to screen spilling video stages. The appropriate response was shocking. It stated, "MeitY has no such subtleties".

We likewise inquired as to whether the Government has been accepting objections from the individuals about the foul substance on gushing video stages. The reaction was, "No data is accessible with Cyber Law and Cyber Security Group of this Ministry".


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