Netflix India Introduces Delhi Crime Series Based On 2012 Brutal Gang Rape Case

Mina Muzumdar |Jan 30, 2019

Netflix introduced their upcoming Indian series titled Delhi Crime which is based on Delhi gang rape case’s investigation in 2012.

Netflix Indian today announced their seven-part crime series, Delhi Crime, which is based on the investigation of the gang rape case happened in Delhi in December 2012. The TV series starring Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal in the lead role will be streaming on March 22.

Delhi Crime — a seven-part series inspired by a notorious 2012 rape investigation by the Delhi Police that reverberated across India and the world, written and directed by @RichieMehta — will premiere March 22 on Netflix,” Netflix Indian announced.

Director of the film, Richie Mehta is well-known after film projects such as Siddharth, Amal. The film will first be introduced in Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.



In 2012, a female medical student was raped on a moving bus around Munirka area in Delhi by a group of men. The woman then was brutally left on the side of the street. She was hurt badly and was brought to Singapore to get treatment after the horrible incident. The case sparked waves of protest through India about the safety of the women in the country. All the predators were then arrested and convicted of malicious harassment and murder. One of the defendant, Ram Singh, passed away in police custody in Tihar Jail possibly from suicide. Only the juvenile crime was sentenced three years in a reform home, and the others were sentenced to death.

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