Mohit Raina Exclusive Interview: “I Have Just Started Taking Baby-Steps In The Industry”

Mohnish Singh |Jun 19, 2019

Mohit Raina, who used to be one of the leading men on Indian television up till a while ago, is now exploring opportunities in films and web. In an interview with STARBIZ, the handsome star talks about movies and web and everything in between.

That television is temporary and films are forever is a statement that we have been hearing since ages now. Maybe that is the reason why we keep seeing so many A-list television stars flocking to films and now web-space too. Mohit Raina is the latest television heartthrob who has made the turn from the small screen to movies and also the digital space.

Mohit Raina
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Mohit Raina, popularly known for playing Lord Shiva on mythological television series, Devon Ke Dev: Mahadev, made his silver screen debut with Uri: The Surgical Strike, which hit the marquee earlier this year and emerged as one of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters of all-time. Along with films, the actor is also exploring the web-space. His debut web-series Kaafir premiered on 15th June on ZEE5 and garnered praises from various quarters.

Mohit Raina
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Recently, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh got an opportunity to have a brief chat with handsome hunk Mohit Raina during the promotion of Kaafir. In this interaction, the talented actor talks about a lot of things, from what attracted him to Kaafir to his amazing experience of working with actress Dia Mirza. He also opens up about his forthcoming Bollywood projects. Excerpts...

What do you have to say about your digital debut with ZEE5 Original, Kaafir?

Well, I am quite excited that my digital debut is happening with a web-show like Kaafir. It is a beautiful story based on humanity, what humanity means and what is the definition of humanity.

Shed some light on your role in it?

I am playing the role of Vedant Rathod who is a journalist by profession. I have learned a lot about the profession of journalism over the years as I keep meeting journalists like you every now and then. That experience helped me a lot while playing this character because I already knew how to hold the camera and ask questions. I have done it all. I think it has been a beautiful journey. It has been a beautiful journey of one and a half month. We shot extensively in Himachal Pradesh. I hope people give a lot of love for our series.

What attracted you to the script of Kaafir?

What attracted me to Kaafir was the selflessness of these two characters: Vedant Rathod and Kainaaz Akhtar. Our writers have very beautifully written these characters. When Siddharth P Malhotra, the producer of the web-series, narrated the gist of it to me, I was completely sold on it. He told me how a Pakistani woman gets stuck in India and then how Vedant Rathod helps her find justice and send back to her country. That moved me a lot. Since the series was based on a true incident, I wanted to be a part of it. I decided to play the role of Vedant to the best of my abilities. I hope I have done justice to it and people love it.

Mohit Raina Exclusive Interview

What was it like working with Dia Mirza?

It has been an amazing experience working with her on this series. I cannot explain that experience in words. She is a brilliant artist. She is a brilliant human being as well. She is very professional and soulful. She is very calm and composed. She is very restrained.

She always kept me on my toes during the shoot of Kaafir. Actually, what happens is that when your co-actor is hard-working, you automatically feel to do better. You always try to be active and alert. You want to put extra efforts because you know wee that if you don’t perform well, your co-actor will be disappointed by you. So I believe it is always very important that your co-actor is best at her job so that she can elevate your performance as well. I feel really lucky and fortunate that I got to work with her. I have not seen an actress like her before. What she has done in this series is remarkable.

You have now explored all mediums, be it television, films or now the web-space. What’s next?

There is still so much to explore. I have just started taking baby-steps in the industry. I am trying my best to make a name for myself. Only time will tell how much I succeeded in my efforts.

Do you believe things changed favorably for you after the huge success of your debut film, Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019)?

Well, definitely! It was a blockbuster project and a successful project helps everyone. I do believe that it gave me a different identity as well. Being a part of Uri helped me a lot. People saw me in a different avatar and they accepted me in that. That has really helped me. I feel happy and blessed to be a part of Uri.

What kind of web-shows do you like to watch?

Personally, I love watching thrillers. But depending upon my mood also, at times, I watch comedy genres when I want to feel light. When I am in a good mood, I watch romantic genre as well. Usually, my first preference is always thrillers.

Mohit Raina

How do you play your characters so effortlessly?

Well, I guess, as an actor, your first attempt is to mold yourself into the character that you play so much so that people forget Mohit Raina. That is always my first preference. I always try to change myself according to my characters, be it a physical transformation or a mental one. I want that when people see me in any character, they forget Mohit Raina and only remember that character. That happened with me during the course of this series. Many people are unable to find Mohit in this character, they only remember Vedant.

How would you describe yourself in one line?

(Smiles) If I have to describe myself in one line, I would say that I am a normal human being with a lot of expectations, dreams, and aspirations. I am trying to fulfill them while still living a normal life.

What do you do in your leisure time?

I love to spend a lot of time with my family. I love to play games. I play snooker a lot. I love watching movies. I love to spend time with my friends also and watch movies with them.

Who is closest to your heart?

My family. I think one’s family is always closest to their hearts. My family is also very dear to me. I don’t see my life without my family.

One thing that you want to improve yourself?

I think, if given a chance, I would like to increase my patience level.

Mohit Raina

Who is your favorite actress?

Madhuri Dixit.

The director you would like to work with?

A lot of them. It’s a long list.

Is anything happening on Bollywood front?

Yeah, I am working on a couple of projects. My next film is Shiddat, which is being bankrolled by Maddock Films. It is going to start very soon. It is being directed by Kunal Deshmukh and I am playing an important part in it. So I am looking forward to it.

Besides that, there is one more project which has yet not been officially announced. I cannot talk much about it.


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