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Hanima Anand |Sep 15, 2020

While the industry is trying to hook views with adult content, ImMature retains its fans with pure emotions from a memorable time in everyone’s life, the coming of age.

When it comes to Indian web series, hardly can anyone find a decent work as ImMature. Distant itself from current series which are loaded with crimes, sex or horror, ImMature by Prem Mistry melts one’s heart with precious memories at high school where they met their first crush. ImMature web series download is, therefore, very popular among young adults.

Before coming to ImMature web series free download, you can read the summary for its story and cast below.

Immature Web Series Download 1
ImMature official poster from TVF

ImMature, or I’m Mature to be exact, is directed by Prem Mistry under the production of The Viral Fever production house. The web series has 5 episodes in total, following the typical format of one conflict per episode.

ImMature web series download tells the coming-of-age story of Dhruv who always hurries to grow up like any other teenager at the age of 16. However, things started when he met his first crush, the bold Chhavi. To impress the girl, Dhruv follows countless advice from his two close friends Kabir and Susu but not all the times their strategies work. As Chhavi will play a lead role in the school performance, Dhruv tries his best to be chosen for the opposite role. It turns out he is selected as the rakhi brother of Chhavi and his crush even has a boyfriend named Shantanu already.

After a series of unluck, Dhruv gets drunk with his friends and beats Shantanu. At that moment, he is told that Chhavi and Shantanu have just broken up.

Immature Web Series Download 2
The three friends, Dhruv, Kabir, and Susu at the premiere of ImMature.

Chances come when the group of friends have to focus on their studies in the last year and Chhavi offers to help. Despite Dhruv tries to keep his secret inside, Chhavi senses it, forcing him to confess his love. Whether Dhruv can accompany Chhavi in their future studies or not, or they will leave high schools with memories about each other, the only way to know is to watch the ImMature web series download.

Regarding the ImMature web series cast, most roles are given for young actors who may not be familiar with the audience yet. Omkar Kulkarni takes charge of the lead role Dhruv Sharma, opposing Rashmi Agdekar in the role of the feisty Chhavi Upadhya. Chinamay Chandraunshush and Visshesh Tiwari play the supporting roles of Kabir and Susu respectively.

Immature Web Series Download 3
The young girl Rashmi Agdekar is chosen for the female lead role Chhavi.

Besides the four major roles, the web series also gathers a number of experienced actors as recurring cast. Jitendra Kumar stars in the movie as Drama teacher, Komal Chhabaria and Sameer Saxena play the role of Dhruv's parents while the sizzling model Nidhi Singh takes the role of Sonam Miss in the series.

It’s not a susprise that ImMature web series review scores 3.5 out of 5 stars on IVMBuzz. This is not just a fair mark for an amazing web series but also an encouragement for a sweet series about the high-school love and life. Not talking about ImMature cast performance, the story itself is a precious reminiscence about our coming of age for all people here. Due to the pressure of being a grown-up, many must have lost their pure emotions or even faith in life. ImMature web series download not only reminds us of our used-to-be versions but also encourages us to grow stronger.

Another review article on also praises the breeze that ImMature has brought to its audience:

"TVF has mastered the art of making breezy, eminently watchable shows. Immature is like an instant noodles formula: quick, easy, enjoyable but ultimately transient."

ImMature Web Series Download 4
Nidhi Singh is among the most attractive names of ImMature web series download.

Generally, ImMature is commented to have a heart-winning script and satisfactory performance from the young cast. The only minus of ImMature web series download is the frequent image of alcohol which is even considered ‘fashionable’ by the main roles. Though the director is just reflecting the viewpoints of many high school students, not having an opposing line for the use of alcohol in the end might actually spread the norm.

When watching ImMature web series online, please note that alcohol drinking scenes are just for entertainment purposes. Adolescents should totally avoid it to fully control their lives.

Here is the link to watch and download ImMature web series full 5 episodes for free.

To get an overview of the main cast and highlights in the story, please take a look at its trailer as follow!

After ImMature went live on MX Player, people have asked about its next season. However, information about ImMature season 2 hasn't been revealed by the production team yet, whereas the pandemic might delay the filming procedure further. Immature download for season 2 probably won't be available this year. will update more news on this web series if have. In the meantime, please check more free movie download posts in our Movies section!

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