Mandira Bedi Controls Pregnancy For 12 Years To Build Her Career

Nalini Suri |Sep 19, 2019

The entertainment industry has been a harsh environment for everyone that Mandira Bedi had to maintain family planning for 12 years.

Though Mandira Bedi is 47 years old now, she remains to be gorgeous and beautiful in a saree for her noodle straps. This age often comes with wrinkles and fine lines but she denies make-up to prove her bare self.

From TV shows to movies including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, the actress has spread virally on television and spent a long path to it.

Mandira Bedi saree

She recalls her very first step to the glam world and considers the process over time is an odyssey of "self-exploration".

She said:


The TV actress revealed a short self-life of a woman in the entertainment world as what people said before.

Mandira admitted:


Mandira Bedi

Not only performing in-studio shows, but the 47-year-old actress also had a happy time of 12 years hosting cricket matches in all aspects. Paying a lot of enthusiasm to the ground, it’s not quite strange when Mandira felt terrible to be replaced in 2010 pending her career.

Mandira Bedi on cricket show

Talking about the emotional effect of the sport coming to her, she shared:


Mandira Bedi on cricket show

Nonetheless, her career dealt with a contract to hold on her pregnancy for 12 years after she tied the knot with Rraj Kaushal in 1999. She opened up:


Sharing on-going speech of the glorious yet merciless world, Mandira continued:



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