How Coffee Wakes Up Your Sense With These Gorgeous Actresses' Ways

Shanaya Rishaan |Aug 17, 2019

Let’s take a look at how our beautiful actresses make their morning coffee for a day full of energy.

Coffee has a ton of benefits to our health and body. According to many pieces of research, sufficient intake coffee can help you boost your energy and lower the chance of having severe diseases. Moreover, for coffee lovers, the aroma from a hot cup of coffee can even lighten up their day.

With those advantages, our Bollywood celebs cannot resist the attractiveness of coffee. They also said that drinking a mug of hot coffee has become an important element in their daily morning routine. Besides, they admitted that thanks to coffee, they can start their working day effectively and even lose their weight.

Moreover, coffee has become one of the most favorite beverages to our beautiful actresses. They love coffee due to its benefits, and making morning coffee is what they have to do every morning after leaving their bed. Here are how our 5 appealing actresses make their morning coffee, and you should take a look at them if you want to get some weight loss.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez really loves using organic products as they are environment-friendly and beneficial to our health. And for coffee, she has a special recipe to make her favorite morning beverage. Specifically, the ingredients that make her coffee consist of a shot of espresso, a little ghee, a spoon of MCT coconut oil, and almond flour.

The combination of ghee and coffee makes her morning drink unique. Though preparing a cup of coffee is not the first thing Jacqueline does after waking up, she shares that her coffee is a true "brain octane." Besides the blended espresso, cold coffee is what Jacqueline enjoys in the morning.

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi is known as one of the most appealing divas in the industry. The reason is not just about her excellent acting skills, but also about her fit body as well. With perfect washboard abs and that smoldering good looks, we can assure that she is one of the most attractive women in Tinseltown.

To strengthen her body and health, besides a light breakfast, there will be her favorite drink which she usually pairs with a type of fruit. That is a cup of brewing black coffee combined with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Moreover, Mandira calls coffee her best friend who can wake her up in the morning.

Malaika Arora

Not only has Malaika Arora impressed us with her oozing style, but also with her super toned body. With that gorgeous looks, it seems that her youth has no age. To keep that fitness, besides hitting the gym every day and having a balanced diet, having some coffee is also essential to her.

Similar to Jacqueline, Malaika loves sipping a cup of coffee with the combination between coconut oil, or butter and milk frother. According to her, this kind of ketogenic drink is good for weight loss.

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Anushka Sharma

Anushka's charming and fitness are the goal that everyone wants to achieve. Her husband, Virat Kohli, said that she could beat him when they're doing their workout, even though her physique is svelte. The secret for that strength is her home-made morning coffee. To her, a cup of coffee with some milk is a perfect therapy to boost energy and reduce stress for a productive day.

Anushka Coffee
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Jennifer Aniston

Our gorgeous Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston, has a big love for coffee. So, a cup of coffee is an indispensable part of her breakfast.  Moreover, she likes to keep her breakfast light and simple, but still, providing her with enough energy for a day. Her usual breakfast consists of a wheat toast covered by coconut oil and her favorite drink, coffee.

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