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Bhavna Acharya |May 18, 2020

Amazon's Made In Heaven season 1 has been made available online, get Made In Heaven download right now!

Being known as the first Indian adult web series of the acclaimed screenwriter and director Zoya Akhter, Made In Heaven struck a chord among the audience thanks for the unique and groundbreaking storyline which is far different from any other Indian adult web series.

Apart from Sacred Games, Made In Heaven is referred to be the best web series in India at the moment. This article will you anything you need to know about the most-searched web series including the cast, details of episodes, the plot as well as the source to get Made In Heaven download in high quality. So keep on reading! 

Made In Heaven Download
Amazon's Made In Heaven has been made available online, get Made In Heaven download right now!

Made In Heaven plot

The Indian drama web series revolves around two friends Tara and Karan who run a wedding agency for rich people. Their lives, which appear to be perfect on the outside, turn out to be full of problems. The movies not only revealed the dark sides of the nature of humans but also the life of high class in Delhi which each episode unveils a different truth about big fat weddings in India.

The series chose a bold approach that also focuses on the hidden aspects of life: sex and relationships. Made In Heaven is no doubt outdid other drama web series in the digital space. That’s why internet users keep searching for Made In Heaven download even when the series was released a year ago. 

From wedding to affair, love to friendship, betrayal, and hurt, everything is mixed well together with feelings. The plot is so engaging and thrilling that you cannot stop watching once dipping a toe into.

Made In Heaven Download Hot Scene
A bathroom scene in Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven cast and crew

Apart from the groundbreaking plot, the movie also features prominent names of the industry with Arjun Mathur and Sobhita Dhulipala playing the role of Karan and Tara respectively. In addition to that, Made In heaven also features Jim Sarbh, Shivani Raghuvanshi, Zachary Coffin, and Kalki Koechlin in the supporting roles. The series was co-produced by Reem Kagti and Zoya Akhtar under the banner of Amazon Prime. 

Made In Heaven Download Hot Scene 3
Made In Heaven download: The movie also goes bold when it comes to gay sex

Made In Heaven reviews

After making available on Amazon Prime in March 2019, the drama series stirred up the internet and receives a lot of positive remarks from both the critics and audience. Check out some of the outstanding reviews about Made In Heaven:

"Can't thank Zoya enough for this beautiful piece of Indian drama. She selected the outnumbered topic from an affair to homosexuality, dowry to old baseless traditions, friendship and love, hurt and betrayal all together and mixed them with feelings. Loved the way the story engaged you, you can't wait to see the next one."

" Made In heaven was a conglomerate of all the heavy topics we witness in our societal circle but choose to acclaim openly. With a tint of apt amount of drama, emotions and lust, the web series was an eye-catching narrative which one can never afford to be affected from."

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Made In Heaven Download Hot Scene 4
A hot scene from Made In Heaven season 1

Made In Heaven Season 1 list of episodes

The series includes 9 episodes with each one unveils a different message about rich people's weddings. Before getting Made In Heaven download, check out the full list of the series episodes:

  • Made in Heaven Episode 1: All That Glitters is Gold
  • Made in Heaven Episode 2: Star Struck Lovers
  • Made in Heaven Episode 3: It’s Never Too Late
  • Made in Heaven Episode 4: The Price of Love
  • Made in Heaven Episode 5: A Marriage of Convenience
  • Made in Heaven Episode 6: Something Old, Something New
  • Made in Heaven Episode 7: A Royal Affair
  • Made in Heaven Episode 8: Pride and Bridezilla
  • Made in Heaven Episode 9: The Great Escape
 Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven pulls the veil about the crazy-rich people in India

Made in Heaven download

If you're wondering where to get Made In Heaven download, you're in the right place. Although you can watch all episodes on Amazon prime, some people prefer getting in in their devices so they can watch it anytime they want. In addition to that, not everyone has a subscription user account of Prime Video.

Get Made In Heaven download season 1 full episode in HD quality!

Check out the hottest kissing scene of Made In Heaven:

Please note that the article about Made In Heaven download is only for information purposes only. We do not support the idea of downloading films and series from torrent websites as it is illegal in the country.

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