Karan Wants To Block Varun On Social Media And His Reason Is Unbelievable!

Priyansh Ha |Mar 21, 2019

He also talk about his controversial episode with cricketers and the nature of his show.

Filmmaker-host Karan Johar has just made his appearance on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch. In the show, he was asked to choose to follow, unfollow or block among Janhvi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt or Sara Ali Khan. While he refused to block or unfollow any of them, the only actress he wanted to follow is Alia.


Karan Has Got Enough Of Varun's Social Media Updates

When it comes to male actors, Karan said that he would block Ranbir Kapoor as the actor didn't use any social media. While he chose to follow Sidharth MalhotraVarun Dhawan is the one he wanted to block. “I will unfollow Varun Dhawan because I am following him all the time in life anyway," said Karan.

There is none other than Varun, the celeb he wanted to have a break from social media. According to Karan, he has got enough of Varun’s workout and diet updates.

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He Holds All Responsibility For The Episode With The Cricketers

The Coffee With Karan’s host also admitted his responsibility for the controversial episode of the show which featured cricketers KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya. He also agreed with the criticism that some things they said were inappropriate. “I would take complete blame, the show is mine, it’s my responsibility and I feel really bad every day,” he added.

Karan also promised to carry its burden. According to him, which do a matter is not about his show but those cricketers’ careers.

He Will Never Do Anything Which Upsets Women

In response to a Twitter comment which accused him of making sexist questions, Karan said that he used to ask women to rank men. There is nothing about sexist here. He has been doing it the same way for 14 years so far without any complaints.


When talking about the nature of Koffee With Karan, he agreed that some of his questions are risque, frivolous and sexual. "If that is not your cup of tea then don’t watch my coffee," said the host. As a strong feminist, Karan believes in women’s power and will never offend or upset women no matter what he does.


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