Kajol Srivastava From Sasural Simar Ka Ties The Knot With Ankit Khare

Kanchana Ngan |Mar 04, 2019

Kajol Srivastava, who is well known for her role in Sasural Simar Ka season 3, has just tied the knot with boyfriend Ankit Khare in Khajuraho.

February 23 witnessed a meaningful wedding ceremony of actress Kajol Srivastava and her boyfriend Ankit Khare in Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho. Previously, the two had thrown a haldi and sengeet ceremony, which was followed by a pool party on the next day. Kajol and Ankit had got engaged in the actress' nanihaal in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, last November. Although the engagement included only close friends and family members, it still proved to be enough for the pair of birds deeply in love with each other.

Kajol Srivastava has just confirmed the marriage with beloved husband, further sharing that unfortunately, the romantic honeymoon would be paused due to Ankit's work in America. Their wedding nuptials were set to be private too. Despite that fact, the public still had a chance to enjoy the bride's beauty and the couple's intimacy through some exquisite photos recently spread on the internet.

Take a look at the newlyweds' pictures.

Kajol Srivastava

Kajol Srivastava 2

Fans are immediately amused with Kajol's gorgeous appearance in stunning make-up style and beautiful lehenga. The dark teal gown with sparkling embellishments is accompanied by impressive matchy jewelries. Her henna across hands, arms also leaves the public in awe. The actress herself seems to be so satisfied with the henna that she shared a video of preparation on Instagram and promised to publish a complete video later.

Kajol Srivastava 3

Earlier, Kajol Srivastava had an interview with Times of India, informing the reason why Khajuraho was chosen to be the place of celebration. According to the Sasural Simar Ka actress, she has fallen in love with its charm and rich history, as a result, decided it as their nuptials' final destination.

Confessing about emotions towards husband Ankit, Kajol revealed that actually he is her real sister's devar. Initially she had no idea about going any further with him, even when his mother came and proposed this idea to her. And not until a long time later when she changed her mind to get to know him did the actress find Ankit really nice and trustable. Dealing with the matter of far distance from India to his work place in the US, he simply guaranteed that he would solve everything. "Isn't it sweet?", smiled Kajol.

Check out more photos from the couple's wedding ceremony here.


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